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Wow- First Comment

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    Came out here to see if anyone had an opinions on the one from last night with the 16 year old girl? I was surprised to see no comments at all.

    I was just wondering if anyone but me thought it was strange that her parents had given her a car she coudl drive while she was dealing with issues like she was. With a temper like that and the condition of her room and relationships I would not of given her access to a car. I was completly shocked when she drove off thinking she had hi-jacked one of her parents cars and then found out it was hers.

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    She definitely has issues beyond the hoarding. I'm not sure the parents knew how to handle her at all before the show.
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    Just from watching the first 15 minutes of the episode, I felt like the parents are just shaming her. They're putting her issues and her medical condition on blast. Seeing how she is only 16, this episode is going to be very damaging to her. I also found it sad that her little sister knew about bottling up your emotions.

    Watching more into this episode, her mom said that she wished she didn't put her kid on the show. Of course she shouldn't have! You knew with her bipolar disorder this was going to happen, so of course this was going to happen! maritimer00 is right; those parents don't know how to handle the girl.
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