Hoarding: Buried Alive

Season 4 Episode 5

Just Tear It Down

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on TLC
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A couple's home is packed due to their hoarding and they face the real threat of eviction unless they can clean up and fix all the damage caused by their out of control collecting.

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  • Discusting

    For ANYONE to take empathy on these people just shows how pathetic YOU are. They are killers and VERY NASTY people. They need to face charges for the animal cruelty you don't just loose a freaking cat IN YOUR HOUSE! Horrible! People like this have a mental disorder and need to be locked up and rehabilitated before they can hurt anyone else it's not just them doing this to themselves it hurts others who have NOTHING to do with the situation as well. It hurts the value of hard working people's homes and makes them look trashy as well. Take accountability for your damn self and quit blaming everyone else.moreless
  • You call that a doctor?

    I'm not sure where this Dr. Patterson got her degree but I'm sure you could squeeze more compassion from a rock than from her. Just the look on her face would be enough to make someone want to curl up and die. She couldn't even stop talking long enough to let this couple explain or identify why they did this to their home. She did nothing to dig deep into their lives to help them mentally. She was rude and judgmental and seemed to take personally, how they lived. She didn't even greet them with any kind of warmth! Anyone could have walked In off the street and told them how gross it was to live in human poop. I don't think she did her job at all, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if these people never trusted a therapist again. Don't get me wrong- I am so repulsed by those living conditions, however, when you are getting paid to help someone, you shouldn't judge them like that.moreless
  • Animal Cruelity

    I watched tonight's show and was upset and disturbed to see a dead cat in there home. The woman tried to cover up and say they had looked for the cat and could not find it. I dont believe your story for a minute. I have a cat and you would have heard it meowing, You two people let the cat suffer and die and you both should be charged with animal cruely. I dont care what happens to you both. you can both rut for all i care and probably the whole population. you are 2 lazy slobs that let a cat suffer and die and you dont deserve anyone's sympathy. you both discust me.moreless

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