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Hoarding: Buried Alive

Season 3 Episode 10

Tiny Monsters

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2012 on TLC
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Episode Summary


A hoarder is faced with the prospect of losing her home and children unless she can clean up her home in a few weeks.

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    This program just aired 2015 in my area. Sherri is a lazy sorry excuse for a mother the father is no better. Why didn't the psychologist call CPS? I have had fibromyalgia and other disabilities for years never have I ever had a garbage dump inside my house. How dare her blaming her children for her trash dump. I am so mad Sherri and her husband needs to be in a mental institution followed by a prison term. CPS needs to follow this family closely I bet Sherri has another garbage dump around her throne she sits on. She made it look like she helped clean at the end of the show. SHE DID NOTHING!!! IT WAS HER CHILDREN THAT CLEANED UP HER TRASH!! How could she let her children live with her sanitary napkins for all the world to see. Sherri is disgusting!!moreless
  • LAZY

    Hoarding doesn't fit! She is just lazy! How could anyone let their kids live like that? That bathroom is what FLOORED ME! OMG GROSS!!! PATHETIC! When the organizer came out to show her a basket and asked if she was willing to part with it, her comment "Sure, my mother can get up from her grave and make another one" made me want to jump through the TV and scream "If it was soooo precious, why the HELL did you let it get roach infested!!!???" My Mother passed away 15 yrs ago and all my keepsakes of her's are put away safe and MY house is CLEAN! This woman crawled under my skin more than the bugs did!moreless
  • For real?

    I don't think it's her 13 disabilities that she claims is keeping her from helping out around the house. (Possibly it's the big bag o' medications she's on.) Maybe she's depressed...but whatever it is, she needs to pull her head out of her *** and give her kids a decent environment to live in. If I was her daughter, I'd drop a few roaches into her eggs, but most likely they're already there.

    The one thing about this show that bugs me is how resistant to change these people are. I wouldn't want to help anyone who didn't want to help themselves. What good is this going to do? Sadly, I think most of them will be right back to living in their own nasty filth shortly after the cameras go away.moreless
  • Disgusting Woman and Horrible Mother

    This woman is simply too lazy to get off her fat ass to pick up the trash!! And her husband is no better, he should have turned her in and got his children out of the house!!! Even in the last scene of the episode, we find the fat, take zero-responsibility for anything woman sitting in her chair awaiting her dinner as her daughter continues ot cook for her, while the good for nothing father sits around waiting to be served as well. These people should be in jail! The episode mae me sick.moreless
  • Where was CPS?

    I seem to have a morbid fascination with this type show, but this episode just blew my mind. My skin is still crawling! I truly don't know what that woman's pathology is, but in my book she's nothing but a lazy, disgusting SLOB with an excuse for everything! Dear Lord! The vermin were bad enough, but living in her own filth & subjecting her kids to it ... & then BLAMING them!?! Plus if she's so disabled how'd she manage to bounce up off that chair, practically run to her van, & then jump on in?

    My biggest issue here is where was CPS in all this? How could the people who work on the show not have been required by law to call Child Protective Services? And you KNOW that Sherry's just gonna do it all over again. Matter of fact, if you look at the end with everyone sitting around nice & cozy in the cleaned up living room, the woman has a pile of crap already growing to her right & a full garbage can to her left! My heart goes out to those poor kids - and as a final shot, I'd like to backhand dear old Dad for letting things get in that state & then running away leaving the kids to deal with it. What a wimp! Grrrrmoreless

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