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Hogan Knows Best

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Hogan Knows Best revolves around the daily life of the family of WWE superstar Hulk Hogan. Living with wife Linda, 15-year-old Nick and 17-year old aspiring pop star Brooke can tend to be a bit challenging, but they make it through. From Brooke's boyfriends, to Hulk's wrestling to Nick's revolving bedroom door, and the multitude of Hogan pets, Hogan Knows Best proves that even tough guys have to be sensitive. As a result of controversial problems that erupted involving Nick, Linda, and Hulk Hogan, taping for a following season halted in the summer of 2007 before the show was officially cancelled in early 2008. However, a spin-off of Hogan Knows Best entitled Brooke Knows Best premiered in the summer of 2008. Brooke Knows Best is centered around Brooke Hogan independent of her family and living with two housemates, Glenn and Ashley. VH1 Airdate History: July - September 2005: Sundays - 9:30 PM
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  • Really enjoyed untill...

    After the show when Nick got in that car accident and they got a divorce.
  • Awesome

    I just cant wait for this show to come out. Why? Because Hulj Hogan is THE MAN, and it'll be great to see him on tv again, and great to be able to see more of his family. July 12th, 2005 will be a day that all Hul Hogan fans will rejoice!
  • What's it like to be in the Hogan Family?

    Hulk Hogan retired from wrestling lets the camera's into his house to film him and his family and what goes on in their everyday lives. The family consists of the Hulkster, his bimbo wife Linda, his bimbo daughter Brooke, and Unintelligent son Nick. The show mostly highlights, Hulk Hogan trying to make his daughter a star, even though she isn't very smart or talented. He tries to sabotage every date she goes on or scare every boy that steps within 10 feet. Linda has a buttload of animals and is pretty selfish about what she wants. All Nick cares about is cars and video games. In my opinion the show led to the problems they are having now. Hulk hands Nick and Brooke everything without teaching them or making them do a thing. All in all, the show kills time and I loved Hulk Hogan when I was a kid. 6 out of 10.moreless
  • More Hulkamania for the Hulkamaniacs.

    As a fan of wrestling (before it turned into its sad state of today) I had a bit of a liking for the Hulkster - oozing charisma and machismo every split second of his career - or somewhere in the vicinity of that guesstimation, anyway. Though, it's not that Hogan Knows Best clings for dear life onto Hulk's appeal as an entertainer solely, the show certainly takes a substance and life of its own. Hulk may be the first reason to flip the channel and tune in, but the Hogan family unit as a whole grows on you with swift vivacity. Between the dynamic parenthood of Hulk and Linda, and the bickering brother/sister tandem of Brooke and Nick - not to mention the launching of both their young careers (Brooke the singer, Nick the aspiring ... well, it's show-to-show) - there is always some interesting event surrounding the Hogan household. Focusing on Brooke's progress as a musician, sometimes shifting to Hulk's on/off affair with wrestling or marriage issues, with sprinkles of Nick's endeavours in racing and mischief - the show runs on limitless prime-time material; and all-in-all, unless you're one of the uber redundant "Oh boy, not another reality show..." types'a'folk, you'll find yourself pleasantly enjoying the overwhelming charm of Hogan Knows Best.moreless
  • I am 47 years old and was very moved by hulk hogans poem to his wife.

    My mom killed herself in front of my sisters and I. I so hard for loosing at the age of 13. my father beat me severely for crying all the while telling me mem dont cry shortly after i lost one of my sisters and lost him as well. i left there to escape the pain only to loose my first girlfreind to a car wreck. i never have had my own home a new car or much money. devorced twice love my children dearly only get to see them 4 days a month. threw all of the pain even almost looseing my youngest daughter to C.I.D.S i could not bring myself to cry since that day when i was 13. I have always been afraid to cry. to see a man that i admire as much as I do you. a man i have respected as a mans man since the first time i seen you wrestle. to shed tears on national tv for all to see. has made me realize my father was so wrong. watching you caused me to come closer to letting it out for the first time in over 30 years. i have always shut down imotions to control the pain to the point of pushing so many wonderful people away. you have given me the courage to work harder to relese the pain thank you for being so real.moreless

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