Hogan Knows Best

Season 4 Episode 6

Brooke's Older Boyfriend

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Aug 26, 2007 on VH1



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    • Linda: Who is that?
      Brooke: His name's Mark.
      Linda: But where'd you meet him?
      Brooke: I don't know. Here in Miami.
      Linda: You kiss him already?
      Brooke: Mom, come on! Stop!
      Nick: Yes she did! Yes she did!

    • Hulk: So when do we get to meet this fat boyfriend of yours?
      Brooke: He's not fat.
      Nick: He's probably a jerk.
      Brooke: Uh-uh.
      Nick: (singing)Brooke's dating a chuncky sundae.

    • Nick: You're spying.
      Hulk: I'm not spying.
      Nick: Cool. Whatever. (they high-five each other)
      Hulk: Ok. I'm spying, big deal. Don't tell your mother.
      Nick: I'll spy with you.

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