Hogan Knows Best

VH1 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Father Of The Year
      Episode 11
      The Family is excited and proud when Hulk is informed that he has been selected to receive the "Father Of The Year" award. But before the ceremony the whole family returns the Clearwater to visit with Hulks mother and as is usually the case with in-laws, Linda and grandma Hogan don't always see things the same way.moreless
    • 10/14/07
      Hulk notices that Brookes spending habits are out of control and if he can't find a way to curb them she may buy them in to peoverty. So to teach her about the value of money, he puts her in charge of her own money. Brooke happily agrees to this with the feeling that she is grown up enough to do this on her own but she soon discovers that perhaps her father was right about her extreme spending when her credit card bill comes.moreless
    • 9/23/07
      The family travels to Universal Studios in Orlando for one of Brookes concerts and decide to stay and enjoy the park but find themselves mobbed by fans. Wanting to enjoy a trip with out hassel, Nick and Brooke come up with an idea that ivolves the family utilizing prosthetics and wigs so that they can move though the park like any other family.moreless
    • 9/16/07
      After seeing that Nick seems to have a way with the ladies, Hulk decides that it is time the have the long overdue "talk". But when Nick does not take his father seriously, Hulk decides to show him the consequence's of his actions by making him care for a comuterized baby doll which needs constant attention.moreless
    • Hogans Go West
      Episode 7
      It's time once again for the family vacation. But instead of going to someplace where they can relax like the tropics, Linda decides that the family should get away from the beach and get their hands dirty on a western dude ranch. But while Linda enjoys this rustic life, the rest of family would rather be served on their vacation than be the ones doing all of the work.moreless
    • 8/26/07
      Linda and Hulk discover that Brookes been hiding the fact that she has a new boyfriend. And she has a good reason to keep them in the dark as the guy happens to be thirty years old. In a foolish attempt to stop the relationship, Hulk invites one of Brookes old boyfriends from Clear Water to the house and in the process doubled his own problems by adding a new suitor to the mix.moreless
    • 8/19/07
      Linda decides that she needs to get into shape and in Hulks eyes, who better to train the wife than the husband. Unfortunately Linda does not think the same way and Hulk is not very happy when he sees who Linda chooses to take his place.
    • 8/12/07
      With Nick busy with girls and driving and school, Hulk feels like he is losing touch with his son. So in order to reconnect with him, Hulk decides to get involved in some of the things Nick likes but seems to have trouble when it comes to crossing the generational gap into the realm of rap music and texting.moreless
    • 8/5/07
      With the family settled in Miami and the renovations to the house almost complete, Linda, Brooke and Nick turn their attention to Hulks Fashion choices. Being in Miami and close to the fashion mecca of the city they hope that Hulk will ditch the fanny pack and parachute pants in the hope in favor of some South Beach styles. But Hulk begins to have second thoughts when the words "Hair Resoration" are mentioned.moreless
    • 7/29/07
      With Brooke spending later nights out at the studio being out on tour for weeks at a time, Hulk and Linda decide to hire a bodyguard to watch over her. After interviewing potentials Hulk decides on someone he sees as tough enough to protect Brooke but not good looking enough to tempt her. Brooke on the other hand sees her new protector as a way of her father spying on her rathe rthen let her be on her own.moreless
    • Wedlock Headlock
      Episode 1
      After noticing more and more arguments taking place in their 23 year marriage, Hulk and Linda decide to go to a marriage counselor in the hopes of working through their issues.
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