Hogan Knows Best

Season 3 Episode 7

Que Vas Hacer, Hermano!

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jan 14, 2007 on VH1
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In hopes of fitting in and relating more to the their new neighbors in Miami, Linda decided that the family needs to learn Spanish. But Hulk has his objections.

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  • this episode was SO FUNNY!!!.

    in this episode the hogan family are taking spanish lessons. they did good. then hulk learn how to say what are u brother in spanish. also the funniest thing that brooke did is what she said about linda's spanish cooking. this chicken taste like sh#%$. if u know what it means. funny funny. i like this episode but is this the last one for the season. well i don't know. lighting out COOLNESS.moreless
  • It was good and it kind of shows how sad it is that you have to learn Spanish to live in your own country, instead of them learning our language

    It was funny, but not as good as this show usually is, it was kind of tame and nothing going on as far as what that family seems to usually be doing. I would have to say a funny part was when Hulk Hogan was speaking Spanish, and from the little I remember from Spanish class I picked up brother, since he always says brother after alot of sentences that cracked me up for some reason. I don't watch this show alot but it is pretty decent as far as reality shows go. If it's on and nothing else is I will watch it.moreless
  • Hogans are forced to learn spanish because of all the spanish being spoken in miami

    Easily the funniest episode this season, and quite possible one of the funniest episodes of all time. Linda talking to the housekeeper is hilarious, and Hulk at GNC is one of the funniest things I\'ve ever seen. Nick is hilarious back at home. The last reviewer thinks this episode seems fake...well its reality tv. everything is produced. what\'dyou expect. i don\'t judge it because they only showed the spanish speaking store workers in town... that made for great tv. If you really think reality tv is \"real\", you\'re sadly mistaking. Spanish lessons were funny. I don\'t know how anyone can not like this episode!moreless
  • The Hogans decide to take Spanish lessons to better adjust to the Miami culture.

    I am so disappointed with this episode. One of the reasons I like this show is because it seems so real. I feel like I'm watching the Hogans as they are in their real life. This episode, however, seemed staged and made me question the validity of the entire series. Brooke and Nick go into a store to buy food and have trouble ordering because the clerk speaks Spanish. They never even end up ordering anything and then decide to ask for directions. They get frustrated and go outside to ask random people directions, but choose to ask the only Latin-looking people on the street for help. Once they find out which way they're supposed to be heading, they don't even go that way. It is obvious that the whole thing was staged and it was painful to watch.

    Terry and Linda both happen to be out the very same day trying to do other things that are impossible because of Spanish-speaking employees. It's like the producers went out and tried to find every Latin person in Miami and had them stand there and pretend they didn't speak even one word of English.

    Ugh... I was so annoyed I turned off the episode half way through.moreless

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