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  • Really enjoyed untill...

    After the show when Nick got in that car accident and they got a divorce.
  • Awesome

    I just cant wait for this show to come out. Why? Because Hulj Hogan is THE MAN, and it'll be great to see him on tv again, and great to be able to see more of his family. July 12th, 2005 will be a day that all Hul Hogan fans will rejoice!
  • What's it like to be in the Hogan Family?

    Hulk Hogan retired from wrestling lets the camera's into his house to film him and his family and what goes on in their everyday lives. The family consists of the Hulkster, his bimbo wife Linda, his bimbo daughter Brooke, and Unintelligent son Nick. The show mostly highlights, Hulk Hogan trying to make his daughter a star, even though she isn't very smart or talented. He tries to sabotage every date she goes on or scare every boy that steps within 10 feet. Linda has a buttload of animals and is pretty selfish about what she wants. All Nick cares about is cars and video games. In my opinion the show led to the problems they are having now. Hulk hands Nick and Brooke everything without teaching them or making them do a thing. All in all, the show kills time and I loved Hulk Hogan when I was a kid. 6 out of 10.
  • More Hulkamania for the Hulkamaniacs.

    As a fan of wrestling (before it turned into its sad state of today) I had a bit of a liking for the Hulkster - oozing charisma and machismo every split second of his career - or somewhere in the vicinity of that guesstimation, anyway. Though, it's not that Hogan Knows Best clings for dear life onto Hulk's appeal as an entertainer solely, the show certainly takes a substance and life of its own. Hulk may be the first reason to flip the channel and tune in, but the Hogan family unit as a whole grows on you with swift vivacity. Between the dynamic parenthood of Hulk and Linda, and the bickering brother/sister tandem of Brooke and Nick - not to mention the launching of both their young careers (Brooke the singer, Nick the aspiring ... well, it's show-to-show) - there is always some interesting event surrounding the Hogan household. Focusing on Brooke's progress as a musician, sometimes shifting to Hulk's on/off affair with wrestling or marriage issues, with sprinkles of Nick's endeavours in racing and mischief - the show runs on limitless prime-time material; and all-in-all, unless you're one of the uber redundant "Oh boy, not another reality show..." types'a'folk, you'll find yourself pleasantly enjoying the overwhelming charm of Hogan Knows Best.
  • I am 47 years old and was very moved by hulk hogans poem to his wife.

    My mom killed herself in front of my sisters and I. I so hard for loosing at the age of 13. my father beat me severely for crying all the while telling me mem dont cry shortly after i lost one of my sisters and lost him as well. i left there to escape the pain only to loose my first girlfreind to a car wreck. i never have had my own home a new car or much money. devorced twice love my children dearly only get to see them 4 days a month. threw all of the pain even almost looseing my youngest daughter to C.I.D.S i could not bring myself to cry since that day when i was 13. I have always been afraid to cry. to see a man that i admire as much as I do you. a man i have respected as a mans man since the first time i seen you wrestle. to shed tears on national tv for all to see. has made me realize my father was so wrong. watching you caused me to come closer to letting it out for the first time in over 30 years. i have always shut down imotions to control the pain to the point of pushing so many wonderful people away. you have given me the courage to work harder to relese the pain thank you for being so real.
  • Its ok its not the best show ever...

    but i will watch it. This show follows the Hogan family Terry aka the Hulk, Linda, Brooke and Nick Hogan. The show isnt really revolved around the Hulk like many people think it would be. I think it is more to boost Brooke and Nick's Hollywood career status. Brooke isnt a good singer thought and Nick is a dog. Vh1 has way to many reality shows and there are way to many family realiy shows. The Osbournes was a way better show than Hogan knows best. Terry is also way over protective of Brooke and Nick doesnt have enough.
    I give this show a 6.
  • World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar versus Reality? Yeah right

    Reality show producers needs to understand just because you can doesn't mean you should. Hulk Hogan is a legend in the world of wrestling and rightfully so. I have been a WWE fan for many,many years and enjoyed Hogan's character. However that does not mean I want to or need to see the Hulk's favorite pair of underwear or Brooke's attempt at singing. It is not a belivable 'reality show' where is the real in this show? I have watched several episodes for lack of nothing else is on, and each time it goes off I ask myself Why did I watch that? It is not entertaining, the part of their livesthat they show is so rehearsed and scripted that you can actual notice them struggling with their lines. The Hulk needs to retire from anything in front of the camera and enjoy the finacial rewards of his wrestling career.
  • You'll be pleasently surprised.

    I think Hogan protrays the father figure that our young people should be watching. Take a quick look at the shows that are on now adays that have top ratings. Family Guy, American Dad for example. I mean yeah it is another reality show but you know at least Hogans show acutal morals unlike the Osbornes. And, how about the epiosode where they make Brooke and her brother work at the diner, so they learn the lesson to apperciate money. Call me crazy but this is a decent show and it should stay on the air. I would rather have my sister watch this then my super 16 where she can learn to be a spoiled brat and that if you have money you aren't responsible for anything.
  • Steer clear of this unless youre a Hulk Hogan fan or youll be bored out of your mind.

    Yet another has-been celebrity vehicle where the family of a used-to-be-semi-famous celebrity is observed in their native habitat doing rather mundane things.

    I watched pieces of this show a few times when I was really really really really really bored. Last night was a rerun when they were remodeling their new house and the neighbors called the cops and reported them for disturbing their rich neighbors. This is typical of what you see on shows like this. So then Mrs. Hogan baked cookies for the neighbors trying to get on their good side - okay........I guess its better than Ozzy and his family tossing food over the fence. LOL! Well I stopped watching it after that and channel surfed thru the entire dial. Finding nothing else on I turned off the TV. Most of my exposure to these shows is either stumbling on them while channel surfing or watching E!'s THE SOUP which has clips of shows like this.

    It all started with the Obournes and now its outta control! Who's the next has-been celebrity to get their own show? Any guesses? Theres thousands of them out there... I wonder how historians 100 years from now will judge us after they find out we actually watched shows like this? I'll bet the comments wont be flattering!
  • take it away...a complete waste of time!!

    i hate this show....this show is about "the hulk" so people must think this show is great bull! he is wack his family is wack. sorry his daughter has no talent. yes she has a great voice ill give her that but again again shes not very creative. shes a joke same gose as her brother... trying to act all "gangster" but clearly he is not... hunnie stop trying. the mom she is just clueless and just clueless same goes for the almighty hulk. ooo he is a great wreslter no he is not. i just cant believe vh1 really gave them a f***ing show..... they need to go away..
  • another celebirty family reality show, hooray!(yea right)

    Hogan knows best is just vh1's version of the osbourns, just not as creepy. Not only the fact this is just another piece of the celebirty family reality show trend, but the fact that hogan is "WAY" too overprotected of his daughter Brook. I understand not wanting her to get into trouble or get hurt but almost every show is just based on Hulk being an overprotected parent. I do wonder if its really just an act to beef up show(most likely it is) or if Hulk is just throwing his muscals around? Either way the show dose not really appeal to me at all. Ofcourse this is my opinion but if your into to the whole celebirty family reality show thing, then this is the show for you. For the rest of us whos not into that i wouldn't even bother watching it, by the first commercal break you will have the channel already changed.
  • this show is a decent show. i try to watch it and i do. i just think that it maight be going downhill, i hope not.

    Hogan Knows Best revolves around the daily life of the family of WWE superstar Hulk Hogan. Living with wife Linda, 15-year-old Nick and 17-year old aspiring pop star Brooke can tend to be a bit challenging, but they make it through. From Brooke's boyfriends, to Hulk's wrestling to Nick's revolving bedroom door, and the multitude of Hogan pets, Hogan Knows Best proves that even tough guys have to be sensitive.this show is cool,decent.
  • The show centers around the Hogan family and Hogan's ego.

    Totally dumb show and a classic example of bad reality television. Totally mindless and idiotic. You know those perceptions have about celebs being selfish and dumb? Well this type of show affirms that. Except we got a wrestler filling that role.

    Hogan's ego is notorious in and out of wrestling. Hogan was one of the most biggest politicians in the ring refusing to job to people. Naturally, then a show titled "Hogan Knows Best" is quite a joke, it's like "George W. Bush knows best" nothing could be further than the truth.

    Well at least Brooke is kinda cute. As expected Hogan's wife is the Barbie doll we all come to hate. I watch this show for laughs mainly. Watching this spoiled household clash heads is a riot. Then when you the episodes and see the hypocracies they do another is another hoot.

    "Hogan Knows Best" is crappy reality television. If you're in for lots of laughs watch it. If you want a quality reality show look elsewhere.
  • Great reality show.

    This show is a good show in my opinion. Hulk (Terry) makes me laugh. Some of the stuff that he says is just so funny. Brooke is pretty cool. I don't really care for her music that much, but I think she is an ok singer. Nick is cool too, he gets kind of full of himself sometimes. Linda just bands everyone together and helps Terry with his problems and picks up after everyone. Their dogs are really cute and I really liked the monkey they babysat for one episode. I hope the show gets another season because it is a really good show.
  • finally, a reality show that doesnt stink!

    mnay reality shows that are just based off of people's daily lives can be very, very boring. Hogan knows best is not one of them, however. its a touching good show about a family that includes a keep up with the jones's mother, trouble maker son, perfect singer daughter, and hulkamania wresting man father hulk hogan. its a good show, and they never seem to fight, they have good family time, and they seem to be living the all american dream. although they have the occasional neighbor problem, they seem to be a good family and their lives make a great time passer show.
  • WAtch The Hogans Live Their Lives

    This show is great.. The show is so funny the hogans always make a fool out of themselfs. The good thing about this show is that you can see that hulk hogan is just a normal person like you or me. The show lets you see everything that goes on in their lives, From brooke starting to record to her making an album and the same with the other hogans. I don't know anybody who doesn;t like this show. So turn the tv to vh1 and you'll see the show andf love it. This show is the best and you know it's 100% real unlike some shows.
  • i like HOGAN KNOWS BEST. he does for his family.

    this show rocks. i love it. love it love it. i like hulk hogan. this show is about the hogans living their styles and hulk know best for everyone. brooke and nick are the kids. his wife is linda. the hogans are funny. they make me laugh for a long time. also hulk hogan's famliy is weird but in a good way. like they are cool. i like this show lighting out. COOLNESS.
  • Funny but..

    Alright Hulk seems like a nice guy on the show but I'm certain there is plenty that they are not showing. Linda seems alright too but like I said she is the Producer so they can paint themselves like Mother Teresa and Gandi all mixed into one person. I hate to see how his son pretty much just lives in the glow of his father and is completely arrogant but he is sort of funnny in that spoiled rich kid sort of way. Brook will never be the pop star that she wants to be though she will enjoy a bunch of success, she's the same cute and special in that spoiled rich kid sort of way.
    Damn am i opionated I hope nobody takes this to heart.
    Another I hope is that the same thing that happened to the Osbornes doesn't happen to the Hogans and I wish them the best.
  • i love this show!!!!!

    I myself am a big hulk hogan fan,he is amazing and i love his show.i don't no why peps would not love this show i mean whats not to love.Brooke's music is the best i love her music.I have her as a friend on my myspace.I love the storie lines and all that happens.the family is great i like ick cause he like fast cars and knows hoe to get the gurl.Basically i love this show.
  • I'm a big fan of hogan know's best and i love brooke CD so if u don''t have if cope that

    Hogan know's best (brooke date game) i loved this episode because both linda and hulk and nick got to pick the right guy for brooke but i have to say that i think linda guy had the full package .he's the right one for brooke they make a good couple.....
  • White trash moves to South Beach, amongst Kosher Jews. Funny how Hulk is surprised to see the "non-heterosexual PROBLEM" at the gym..

    Funny how Hulk is surprised to see the "non-heterosexual PROBLEM" at the gym.. Hello, Hulk, it's 2006 and South Beach, if they arent Kosher, They're Gay or Bi. Then he picks a sterioded out freak like himself for his daughter. The only normal one is Nick. There goes the neighborhood.
  • This show is great!!! can't wait for more

    At first I was thinking how bad this show was going to be. Hulk Hogan trying to be a dad. But after watching the first episode, I found it very funny. He is still his old strong self, and very protective of his daughter.The show is very stereotyped for the was a father would be, but to see the Hulk doing it makes it funny, because if anyone did something wrong you know he could twist them in to a pretzel. The show just makes me smile, and is worth watching. It was better than I tought... some what not so real, but I love watching Hulk being overprotected.
  • I think this show is wonderful it lets you see that other side to someones life. I loved watching Hogan struct his stuff on the WW,,was big on the Hulk Amana thing. However, since watching this program I have been able to see another sideThank you.

    Hogan Knows best is wonderful. We get to see the other side to an American Hero who shows us that besides stregnth and body muscle this man has a heart and a soul unlike I have ever seen. He is a wonderful father who loves his children and he is a wonderful husband to his wife..you can see that in his eyes if not by his action and they adore him too..I am from a large family 6 kids and 2 parents and thought we were tight until I saw this show man its intense. I hope that this show gets a good long run or they do it till they feel its time to end it..good luck guys have fun
  • it is a asome show

    i like hogan knows best i mean i have been wanting to see more of the hulk and i never got to because i started watching wwe
    like around the time he was gona retier so hogan knows best is helped and i get to see his wife and his childerin and every thing so thats realy cool.hogan is a cool guy i mean he is the
    gratest superstar i have seen and thats the truth BROTHER!
    and i have been watching wwe and i cant belue what he did that was not right.but i am still w8 for new episodes plzz biring them
  • The Hulk and his family go thriugh some of the same problems that everyone else does

    The show shows that the Hogan family has there disagreements jsut like the rest of the world. Just the fact the Hulk is so protective of his daughter goes to show that he is just like a lot of other dads in the world. Nick is just like a lot of other younger brothers, always annoying his sister and always doing something that gets him in trouble when Linda and the Hulk are not around. But the Hogan family is just like a normal family that its everyday problems. I also like all the pets that they have. All the animals are so cute!!!
  • when is this going to stop

    hulk hogan does not deserve to have a reality tv show. i guess mtv had so much success with the osbournes they had to find some else. i know that hulk hogan is a pop culture icon, but i do not care what goes on in his everday life. i do not see how this show will last more than a couple of seasons before people get tired of it.
  • Hogan Knows Best its ture all true...

    Hogan Knows Best its true if i was you i sould be taking notes because if you do some of those bad things you can get in trable.Your parants can be like them to you never know. they are a great family they know what they have to do if something is going bad. you can to if you se Hogan Knows Best. and the show its fun to it can make you laugh to.
    Hogan it a strong men. he is going back to wwe. so watch it wwe its a great show.
  • A big "Brooke" commerical

    It's not so much a reality show on Hulk Hogan and his family, but more of a commerical for his daughter Brooke, who is struggling for a singing career. If it wasn't for the Hulk we never would've heard of Brooke, nor would she have gotten the attention she's recieved from the music bigwigs.

    Brooke is using her family's reality show as a means to an end for her singing career. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Brooke is unoriginal and her career will be short live, so enjoy it while you can.
  • Celeb-reality. VH1 has an idea that sounds original and then drives it into the ground by overdoing it. No offense to the Hulkster, but the other shows took you down with them. I wish this would've been the first Celeb-reality show they came up with.
    On one hand, the concept of a celebrity-based reality show sounds like fun because it might give us normal people an idea of the lives that celebrities live.
    On the other hand, it takes something overplayed like reality TV and cheapens it by adding celebrities who live really luxurious lives.

    This show isn't all that bad, and if it were the only celeb-reality thing that VH1 had, I'd give this show at least an 8.5. The idea of the greatest man in the history of pro wrestling letting all his Hulkamaniacs see what his family life is like is pretty good, but to throw it in there after they did Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club made me lose my interest in it.

    This show itself isn't the reason I hate it, it's its classification in a genre of show I've grown to hate. I just can't get over that.

  • A reality show thats real. I love it. Real family. No pampered kids. Hogan family is as real on show as in true life. What a change. Thank You Terry Hogan and family. Real parents, real kids, real life.

    Im a 47 year old mom of 3. All these reality shows they have on just blow me away. REALITY??? Please, give me a break. Im not a wrestling fan like my husband, BUT, I am a Terry Hogan fan. His family actually keeps their REALITY Show R E A L !!!!!!!!! Its a real family with real problems w/ their kids. Not Brooke whinning for a 5,000 $ dress and crying till she gets it. Thank you Hogan family for keeping it real. I love it.
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