Hogan Knows Best - Season 3

VH1 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • The Canine Mutiny
    Episode 12
    Linda notices that the pets, particularly the dogs, are acting weird since they moved to Miami.
  • Hulkmania Forever
    Episode 11
    Hulk is pretty much done with wrestling until Mr.McMahon, the chief of WWE, asks him to sign up for another twenty years. Hulk doesn't know if he has it in him but when McMahon offers to promote Brooke Hulk has a lot more to think about then just him.
  • Knobs Invades
    Episode 10
    The Hogans have finally settled into Miami and Hulk decides to invite one of there long time friends, Brian Knobs to there new house. But when Knobs arrives and begins his normal jokes and pranks his welcome is very quickly worn out.
  • Nick In The Driver's Seat
    Nick decides to take up drift car racing and takes lessons from stunt driver Bobby Ore. But the pressure begins to get the better of him when the tests to qualify for his drifting license grows closer and his car is damaged.
  • Brooke Bares All
    Episode 8
    Even with a big concert demanding her attention Brooke finds herself more concerned with Hulk and Linda controlling her career and her life, so when FHM magazine offers her a chance to model for the cover and a multi page spread, she sees it as a chance to claim her independence. Hulk on the other hand is prepared to put his foot down if things get to revealing.moreless
  • 1/14/07
    In hopes of fitting in and relating more to the their new neighbors in Miami, Linda decided that the family needs to learn Spanish. But Hulk has his objections.
  • Superfan
    Episode 6
    The family takes part in a contest to determine Hulks biggest fan. The winner travels to Miami to spend time with Hulk himself but finds things a bit more harsh then expected when Hulk works him to his limit in the gym and in the ring.
  • 11/19/06
    Even though the thought of Brooke dating anyone puts him on edge, Hulk agrees to a little contest with Linda and Nick to see who can bring home the best date for Brooke.
  • Koshermania
    Episode 4
    After having problems with their neighbors in Clear Water, the Hogans vow that things will be better in Miami. Linda decides to throw a block party barbeque but problems arise when they discover and are confused by the fact that their new neighbors keep kosher. It then falls to Nick and Hulk to find kosher food before the event.moreless
  • 11/5/06
    Brookes' harsh work schedule begins to take its toll on her as she begins to feel as if it is too much for her to handle. When her producer questions her commitment to her craft Hulk tries to her back on track.
  • 10/29/06
    To celebrate Hulks 53th birthday, Linda and the kids decide to plan a family vacation aboard a cruise ship but Hulk finds himself unhappy when he is trapped on the ship with numerous fans and no where to run to.
  • The Big Move
    Episode 1
    To support Brookes music career, the Hogans move to Miami Beach, saying goodbye to there friends and home in Clear Water. But they find that besides adjusting to new surroundings, they find that their new beach house is not as finished as one would hope. they soon find themselves with no where to sleep, a large amount of clothing and animals with no where to go and no room in the garage for the cars, And there's a hail storm.moreless