Hogan's Heroes

Season 2 Episode 10

A Tiger Hunt In Paris (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1966 on CBS



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    • (Klink calls the camp looking for Hogan; Kinch has intercepted the call)
      Newkirk: (after talking with Klink in a German accent) Get Col. Hogan in Paris, fast!
      Kinch: Suppose he's not in?
      Newkirk: He ruddy well better be in!

    • LeBeau: Well, everything is taken care of, right?
      Hogan: Oh, sure. If we can trust your friend, and she can figure how to spring Tiger, and Backschieder doesn't catch on to us, and if we can find the secret fighter bases, and Klink doesn't catch up with us, everything's taken care of.
      LeBeau: Did you notice her eyes?
      Hogan: I should have brought Carter!

    • (Klink has just told the prisoners that he is going to Paris)
      LeBeau: Could I give you a phone number, Kommandant?
      Klink: Ja?
      LeBeau: It's my mother, and if you tell her that I--
      Klink: Forget it!

    • Hogan: LeBeau?
      LeBeau: Oui?
      Hogan: Get packed. You and I are goin' to Paris.
      LeBeau: Colonel, how do we get there?
      Hogan: Easy. Klink will be glad to give us a ride.

    • Backsheider: Hmm, that is quite a sum of money.
      Hogan: I know where they print it.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the first of seven recurring role appearances from Nita Talbot as the character Marya.

      This episode marks the second of seven appearances from Arlene Martel.
      Arlene Martel appeared in recurring role as the character Tiger in five of seven episodes.  

      This episode marks the second of eight unrelated appearances from David Frank.

      This episode marks the first of seventeen unrelated appearances from David Morick.
      The character Corporal Sontag, played in this two-part episode is an exception, 15 unrelated roles after this two-part episode.

      This episode marks the first of two appearances from George N. Neise.

      This episode marks the second of three appearances from John Dehner.

    • This is the first appearance of Nita Talbot as the Russian Marya. She would make several other appearances, always barely gaining Hogan's trust and always having LeBeau in love with her.

    • John Dehner also appears in Season One's The Late Inspector General.

    • This episode appears first on the VHS collection's "The Great Deceptions" volume.

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