Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 16

Carter Turns Traitor

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 23, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hogan goes through the latest mission, but Carter objects to the plan because it involves an 'attack' on him. London has found out that there is a secret chemical plant near camp and they want the Heroes to find the location. The plan involves Carter pretending to be a defector who worked in chemical warfare before he was captured. In the compound, Hogan talks to Schultz about the men wanting to kill another prisoner because he wants to defect. As they talk, the others pass by them--Kinch with a handmade zip gun, Newkirk with an bow and arrow dipped in poison, and LeBeau with a machete made from a paint can. Schultz stands up and sees the men approaching Carter and 'attacking' him. He takes them all into Klink's office and Hogan lets 'slip' that Carter worked in chemical warfare. At first, Klink wants to send him to Berlin, but Hogan persuades him to put Carter in his quarters and send for experts from the factory to check Carter out. Klink then has the others stay until he thinks of punishment, but Hogan says that the men hate the waiting for the punishment, and Klink lets them go. The next day, Carter and Klink have dinner with a Gen. Wittkamper and a female researcher, Leni Ritcher. Carter tells them his story: that he was a major, and had a permanently incapacitaing chemical agent that he was going to put in the water supply of a war plant, but he decided that the Germans were 'his kind of folks.' When he was captured, he used the 'cover' of being shot down on a bombing raid and didn't tell Klink because he was afraid of the other prisoners. However, the men can't hear the dinner because the bug isn't working, so Hogan, LeBeau, and Newkirk go through the tunnel to Klink's quarters to see what's going on. Leni has Klink show Wittkamper around camp while she talks to Carter alone. She comes on to him, gets him a drink and goes to change into something more comfortable. Hogan then comes in and takes Carter's drink; he gives it to Newkirk who pours it into LeBeau's hat; it eats a large hole in the hat. Hogan says he can leave, but they would tear the place apart and might find the operation. Carter decides to stay and the others leave. Leni is shocked when she comes back and Carter asks for another drink. The next day, Hogan barges into Klink's office with a note from Carter saying the whole thing was a fraud; that he just wanted a good meal. Wittkamper does not buy it and takes Carter to the factory. The men then dress as a Gestapo execution squad wearing hoods and take the car carrying Carter. They take Schultz, Carter, Wittkamper and Leni and say that someone is a traitor. Wittkamper says that he misappropriated some funds, but Leni says that she is the traitor, that she held up the process for months. Hogan reveals himself to Leni, and tells Carter that she tried to kill him because she thought that he was for real. He puts the hood back on and tells Schultz to take Carter back to camp. Then he takes it off, reveals himself to Wittkamper, and says he will get him out of the country. He refuses, but when Hogan says he will be blamed for the destruction of the factory, he decides to go. Later, Hogan tells Klink that he should forget the whole thing and not punish Carter or the other men, under orders from the Gestapo officer. Klink does not believe it, until Hogan says that he should call Berlin about it.