Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 1

Cuisine à la Stalag 13

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Le Beau is cooking for another of Klink's dinner parties, with General Wexler and his aide Captain Richter (who is a contact of Hogan's) as guests of honor. Klink is angling for promotion to general while Hogan and Co are smuggling out the papers Richter packed into Wexler's briefcase. Richter's latest consignment proves a disappointment, but he has left a promise of the plans for th Westwall underwater obstacles at the next dinner.


Hogan and Le Beau take the information to the Underground, where Marie, a French resistnce fighter, tells them that General Le Gaulle has issued an order recalling all Frenchmen to England to prepare for the liberation of France. The others do not want Le Beau to go because this could undermine their operation, especially the dinner party that they need to get the plans from Richter. But Le Beau is determined to go. Le Beau starts passing on his culinary skills to the men while they kit him out for departure. Le Beau goes to the Underground to await the submarine.


Klink is surprised to find his dinner is extremely sub-par and discovers that Carter is the chef. Hogan is forced to give Klink the cover story that Le Beau escaped in a garbage truck. Klink is desperate to find Le Beau as he needs his chef for the dinner party (and his promotion to general), and the search begins. Hogan goes to the Underground to warn Le Beau. Then news arrives that the Gestapo have captured Marie, and Le Beau is desperate to rescue her. Hogan agrees to help if Le Beau will postpone his escape until after Wexler's dinner party.


Le Beau goes to Gestapo Headquarters disguised as a Vichy security officer, Sergeant Duclos, and is armed with papers ordering the transfer of Marie to his custody. However, the officer refuses because the papers do not have enough authorization. Hogan and Newkirk arrive, disguised as Gestapo officers, and affect recognition of Le Beau as Duclos. They start putting on the pressure to give the papers enough authorization. The officer is still reluctant. Eventually, hints of a transfer to the Russian Front persuade him, and Marie joins the others in the tunnel at Stalag 13. Le Beau then surrenders to Klink, who postpones his punishment in the cooler until after the dinner party.


Smuggling the papers out does not go entirely smoothly, but this time the papers prove invaluable. Le Beau changes his mind about leaving because he now realizes how much they need him at Stalag 13 (and he has heard about Carter's terrible cooking). Predictably, Klink does not get a promotion to general. Undaunted, he decides to aim higher and invite Goering to a dinner party. Hogan uses this to persuade Klink to release Le Beau from the cooler.