Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 1

Cuisine à la Stalag 13

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the final season, Ivan Dixon does not appear as Sergeant Kinchloe, but another radio man (Kenneth Washington as Sergeant Baker) is used. The producers of the show made no mention of Dixon's departure, nor Washington's entrance. Still no one ever escaped from Stalag 13.

  • Quotes

    • General Wexler: (re Schultz hogging the food) The sergeant eats first? Some local tradition?
      Klink: (covering up fast) No, no. You see, our very fine chef is also a very dangerous prisoner. And I think it is wise to have a food taster around, just in case.
      Schultz: I risk my life for the Fatherland.
      Le Beau: And gain a few pounds on the way.

    • Marie: De Gaulle doesn't need women.
      Hogan: There's a new kind of Frenchman.

    • Klink: (to LeBeau) All right: ten days in the cooler for attempted escape. Sentence to start immediately… after you cook a fabulous dinner for General Wexler.
      Hogan: When you want a favor, Kommandant, you're irresistible.

    • Carter: Boy, is Klink working for that promotion. Could you imagine him making general?
      Baker: Yeah, how would Klink look with a red stripe on his pants?
      Hogan: Like a bald-headed Kraut with a red stripe on his pants.

  • Notes

    • This episode marked the first of twenty-four recurring appearances from Kenneth Washington as Sgt. Baker.


    • This marks the fourteenth of seventeen appearances from David Morick.
      This marks the sixth of seven appearances from John Hoyt.
      This marks the sixth of six appearances from Chet Stratton.
      This marks the fifth of six appearances from Jay Sheffield.
      This marks the third of three appearances from Brenda Benet.

      Brenda Benet is a classic example of the modern-day Hollywood tragedy. As a television actress with good dramatic scope, she managed to piece together a wide and impressive portfolio of guest shots in a career spanning just over 16 years. Details of her early passing can be read at TV.com under the actor's name, see biography and list of credits.




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