Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 30

Drums Along the Dusseldorf

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 30, 1968 on CBS



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    • Newkirk: Hey, Little Deer, who's the letter from, Pocahontas? (laughs)
      Carter: It happens to be from my cousin in North Dakota.
      Schultz: Oh, what is his name?
      Carter: Angry Rabbit Who Has Thorn In Cotton Tail.
      Kinch: That'd make anybody angry.

    • (during mail call)
      Schultz: (reading an envelope) Sgt. Little Deer Who Goes Swift And Sure Through Forest?
      Hogan: You're kidding, Schultz.
      Schultz: That's what it says.
      Carter: That's me.
      Newkirk: You're Little Deer Who Goes Swift And Sure Through Forest?
      Carter: That's right. (trips over a footlocker)
      LeBeau: I think he just broke his hoof.
      Newkirk: If I were you, Little Deer, I'd stay out of the woods during the huntin' season!

    • Hogan: He's also given you a new name, Schultz.
      Schultz: What, what, what, what, what?
      Hogan: You are now Big Chief Running Bear Who Goes Swift And Sure To Beer Garden.
      Klink: Or...you could be Big Fat Schultz Who Goes Swift And Sure To Russian Front!

    • Schultz: Kommandant Klink is very angry at you.
      Hogan: He'll get over it, Schultz.

    • Hogan: LeBeau, put away the wine, please. Let it age a few more hours.

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