Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 15

Easy Come, Easy Go

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 10, 1971 on CBS

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  • I loved this episode. Seeing Hogan in the pilot seat and Klink in England added real depth to the characters.

    I view these on my direct TV HDTV channel 79 HDNET and the quality is fantastic. These look just as good as the modern “CSI” & “The Office” HD programs and I have a hard time believing that 35 years have past since these were filmed. This episode starts with General Burkhalter and Klink laying the heavy shmooz on Hogan with food, drink, and two fun young women. Hogan plays along until the General informs him they will pay him one million dollars to “Escape” and return to England with the intentions of stealing one of the elite Allied P51 Mustang fighters and return back to Germany with it intact. They tempt Hogan with money and the promise of being released to Switzerland upon the successful completion of his mission. Hogan wants to know what would keep him from escaping once he gets to England and the general informs him that a German officer posing as a downed American crew member “Major Davis who’s death hasn’t been reported to the red cross yet” would accompany him every step of the way and if Hogan didn’t return his friends back at camp would be shot. Hogan is pretty much unfazed until the General lets it slip that a highly placed German intelligence network is set up in London to assist him should he need it. Then to Klink’s surprise he is the German officer in question. That pretty much set’s up this episode which is one of my favorites.