Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 8

Eight O'clock and All is Well

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 1970 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Martin: Klink must be an idiot.
      Hogan: Oh, he has his good points if you look for 'em. 'Course, that could take a lifetime.

    • Hogan: At ease, Captain. We try to maintain an informal atmosphere here at the Enchanted Castle.
      Martin: Thank you, sir.
      Hogan: Seems to go with the beautiful surroundings.
      Schultz: A very nice guy.
      Klink: Shut up!

    • Carter: I've got my charges all set, sir.
      Hogan: Forget it. My first responsibility is the protection of this unit.
      Carter: The Colonel's right. In a way, we are his family.
      Hogan: Oh, I'm in a lot of trouble!

    • Hochstetter: (pointing at Schultz) He is not adding anything to this meeting.
      Klink: Except weight.

    • Martin: Did you say "emergency tunnel?"
      Hogan: Yeah, it's part of our system: we have an emergency tunnel (a tunnel out of camp,) a tunnel to the cooler, and a tunnel to Klink's quarters.
      Martin: (laughs) That's fantastic!
      Hogan: Someday we'll steal a train; we've got ourselves a subway.

    • Klink: Major Hochstetter, are you suggesting that Stalag 13 has any relationship to this sabotage, huh?
      Hochstetter: At last a little daylight filters through.
      Schultz: Uh, shall I raise the blinds?

    • Hogan: We earned our money for tonight.
      Newkirk: Not just tonight; this is the second big job this week.
      Carter: We've been busy as beavers. We oughtta get something extra for this job.
      Hogan: Wait 'til Christmas: I'll get you a nice set of Kraut trains to blow up.

  • Notes

    • Although it is listed third, this episode actually appears fourth on the VHS collection's "Spy vs. Spy" volume.

  • Allusions

    • Hogan warns prisoners not to ask the possible spy about Ty Cobb's batting average.

      Ty Cobb was as American as apple pie at the time of this episode's filming. He was a professional baseball player who, when he retired, held ninety major league records.

    • The prisoners use the term "Jolly Roger" as radio code in this episode.

      "Jolly Roger" is the common name used to describe European and American pirate flags.

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