Hogan's Heroes

Season 2 Episode 23

Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 17, 1967 on CBS

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  • Another ingenious plot where Hogan and the boys complete their mission and implicate the enemy.

    Hogan's men have planted explosives and wired a detonator in order to destroy an important German munitions train. Due to heightened Third Reich security, the mission is delayed indefinitely -- the boys wire the detonation system to a seemingly-unused emergency phone trackside.

    Meanwhile, Burkhalter has assigned his sister's brother to be Klink's adjutant at Stalag 13 to fulfill her wish that her beloved brother (Captain Kurtz) avoid combat duty at the Russian front. Kurtz is a relentless, by-the-book assistant and harasses the prisoners accordingly. At the slightest hint of challenge, even prisoners' sarcasm, he throws the book at the entire camp, denying priveleges and making life difficult with reckless abandon.

    Kurtz attempts to bring Hogan into his confidence by calling him aside and falsely offering to arrange the escape of one of Hogan's men. Hogan sends Newkirk to test Kurtz's suspect escape plan and Newkirk is arrested, but Kurtz tries again to ferret information from Hogan by claiming innocence in the arrest. Hogan doesn't buy the whole sham, but utilizes Kurtz's own game to bring the latter to the rail line as the munititions train approaches.

    Kurtz is all too willing to pick up the phone and contact the Underground agent Hogan has convinced him is on the other end. Kurtz makes the call and the train is destroyed at his hand.
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