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Getting to watch the very first episode for the first time

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    [1]Sep 28, 2010
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    While growing up I watched Hogan's Heroes, but missed the very first episode (the pilot) until today (09/28/2010) when a local Chicago station (MeTV) showed it. It really is a great episode and I hope everyone gets the chance to see it. I'm sure this one has lots of cut to make room for commercials, but still seeing it is so cool and different.

    The opening is way different, but the music is the same. Wished they kept Carter as an officer (say as Hogan's executive officer). Seeing the cigar bit for the first time was great and actually a lot better than the later ones. I couldn't believe it when Klink didn't catch on Hogan's cigar was his own, when he lit it for Hogan.

    Honestly, seeing it makes me want to look up and maybe buy Hogan's Heroes on DVD or Blu-Ray, if its available (at least this first season).

    Anyone else seen this episode and if so what do you think of it?

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    I have the colombia house collectors edition vhs tapes and they edited that episode to shorten the time.

    Carter asks Hogan where does Olsen go and he says they really don't know.Near the end of the episode

    Hogan gets on the radio to send Olsen a funny coded message for him to come back to stalag 13, he is

    making out with a german woman when he hears the radio message.That part was cut out.Also the wine

    tasting test from different barracks and Lebeau throwing the wine glass was cut out.

    Years ago there was a tape with just that one episode (uncut) I will have to search for that.

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    There were two different versions of the pilot. One that was aired on CBS and originally seen in syndication had the same theme as first season episodes just edited differently and did not have the scene with Olsen and the woman. The other version now seen in reruns has the scene with Olsen and the woman and slightly different segues between scenes and different recording of the opening theme and the second season writer/director music and different music that ended the teaser scene. This may have been the original version of the pilot which was later re-edited before being broadcast on CBS back in 1965.
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