Hogan's Heroes

Season 5 Episode 16

Get Fit or Go Fight

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1970 on CBS



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    • Klink: This car was cleaned before we left town!
      Hogan: But you did drive back with it, sir.
      Klink: Yes.
      Hogan: In this same car.
      Klink: Of course.
      Hogan: There's your answer.
      Klink: I don't remember asking you a question.

    • Hogan: Suppose the doctor came today instead of tomorrow.
      LeBeau: Would it be possible?
      Kinchloe: And what happens if Klink doesn't pass the physical?
      Hogan: No chance. That doctor is not going to find a thing wrong with Klink… is he, Carter?
      Carter: (fake German accent) Colonel Klink is the finest physical specimen I have ever seen in my thirty minutes as a doctor.

    • Carter: Oh, the film was wrapped in this note. I think it's important.
      Hogan: Did you read it?
      Carter: Well, it was addressed "To Whom it May Concern," and since I was I did.

    • Klink: Did you hear that, Schultz? The boys think I'm a hero.
      Schultz: (chuckles) The joke is on them, Herr Kommandant.
      Klink: I don't think it's that funny.
      Schultz: Jawhol. In fact, it is not funny at all.

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