Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 9

Go Light on the Heavy Water

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 1965 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The soldier guarding the truck with the heavy water is carrying an American Thompson submachine gun.

    • In one scene, they convince Klink his office is on fire so we see him gather up his papers and go over to the window to jump - except the location of the window does not match the exterior of his office building setup.

  • Quotes

    • Klink: Fraulein Helga is just doing her duty like any German soldier, a highly-trained machine.
      Hogan: Must be tough getting spare parts for that machine, huh?

    • (Helga blocks the door to Klink's office)
      Helga: Good afternoon Colonel Hogan.
      Hogan: I need to see Klink.
      Helga: I won't let you in until you kiss me.
      (Hogan takes Helga in his arms)
      Hogan: The things I have to do for my country. (He kisses her)

    • Hogan: Yeah, it's a shame that stuff's going to Berlin for Goering and that crowd. The guys at the front never get any of the goodies.
      Klink: I agree, almost everything is going to Berlin first.
      Hogan: They get all the liquor, all the girls, all the food, and now, all the hair!

    • (Mueller tells Klink about the water)
      Klink: I drank some of that water. (grabs his throat) Will I die from it?
      Mueller: Only if Berlin finds out!

    • Hogan: (after Klink drinks the water the first time) Whoever said you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink?

    • (Hogan is kissing Helga)
      Helga: Mmm, you smell good.
      Hogan: The boys whipped up a little aftershave. (kisses her again)
      Helga: It's very exciting.
      Hogan: It's called 'Unconditional Surrender.'

    • Hogan: The driver says it's water, Schultz says it's water, now Klink says it's water.
      Newkirk: What do you think it is, Colonel?
      Hogan: With those three men of integrity, I know one thing.
      Newkirk: What?
      Hogan: It ain't water.

  • Notes

    • This episode marked the only appearance from Lawrence Montaigne.

      This episode marked the first of three accredited and unrelated character appearances from Eddie Firestone.

    • This episode appears third on the VHS collection's "Plots Thicken" volume.

    • This episode marks the first of eight unrelated appearances by John Stephenson.

    • LeBeau does not appear in this episode (not explained in the episode). However, Hogan does mention LeBeau as the one who told him where the water came from in his plot to destroy the barrel.

      Another of the prisoners steps forward, Scotty as the "petty theft man," takes LeBeau's place for this one episode. Scotty continually appears on Hogan's Heroes as a background prisoner/character with an occasional line or two every year.

    • John Stephenson (Captain Mueller) is also known as a regular voice artist on "The Flintstones."

  • Allusions

    • Hogan: If they had that many troops at the Battle of the Marne, you people wouldn't have lost the First World War.

      There were two Battles of the Marne, the first (September 1914) stopped the initial German offense and set up four years of trench warfare, the second (July - August 1918) was the last offensive of the Germans in World War I. Hogan could be referring to either.