Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 26

Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • A bottle of Wisk laundry detergent is superimposed over the closing credits.

    • LeBeau claims to have baked Hogan's birthday cake, but when it's carried to the party, it is clearly too enormous to have been baked with any of the prisoners' tools.

    • When LeBeau arrives at camp after his meeting with Mama Bear, he has lipstick on his cheeks which was not there when he left the theater.

  • Quotes

    • Klink: The German officer does not want his men to give him a party. All we want is respect!
      Hogan: Who knows; someday you may even get it!

    • Klink: Are you insinuating that we are not distributing Red Cross packages?
      Hogan: Oh, you're distributing 'em all right -- just be nice if the prisoners got 'em for a change.
      Klink: Colonel Hogan, on what evidence do you back up that charge?
      Hogan: Well, I would like you to show me where it says 'made in Germany' on this bar of peanut-brittle.

    • Newkirk: I'm afraid we've got a date with the firing squad.
      Carter: Well, look at the bright side: at least we don't have to worry about what to get Colonel Hogan for his birthday.

    • Hochstetter: We are setting a trap.
      Klink: Sir, are you questioning the security of Stalag 13?
      Hochstetter: Klink, I question anything you are connected with. You may be caught in that trap.

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