Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 13

Hogan's Hofbrau

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 10, 1965 on CBS



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    • Schultz: Herr Kommandant, it is against the law for an officer to strike an enlisted man.
      Klink: Strike you... no. Shoot you, yes.

    • Hogan: Go out the back door.
      Carter: (whispering) There is no back door.
      LeBeau: (whispering) I'll make one!

    • Schultz: Believe me, Herr Kommandant, I am a poor man. I even have no right to be fat.

    • Hogan: (as Major Hoople) Let us drink to a soldier's best friend.
      Milheiser: The Fuhrer!
      Durnitz: The Fuhrer!
      Hogan: Fuhrer? I'm talking about long winter underwear.

    • (London tells the Heroes to get more info on the Adolf Hitler Division)
      Carter: Those guys are kidding.
      Kinch: How are we gonna get that stuff?
      Hogan: Yeah, it won't be easy.
      Newkirk: Blimey, sometimes I think they forget we're prisoners.
      LeBeau: I don't have any trouble remembering.

    • Helga: Excuse me, Herr Colonel.
      Klink: Yes, yes, yes, what is it?
      Helga: There are two officers here to see you, sir.
      Klink: Who are these people? Is Stalag 13 a tourist attraction for every officer who passes through town? Soon we'll be serving tea!
      Helga: They're from the Adolf Hitler Division.
      Klink: (standing up) Well, don't just stand there, make some tea!

    • (Kinch tells Hogan about the phone call he tapped)
      Kinch: As soon as Klink heard the words 'Adolf Hitler Division' he got scared. I could hear it in his voice.
      Hogan: That's our kommandant. If they ever promote him, it'll be to Coward, First Class.

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