Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 4

Hogan's Trucking Service... We Deliver the Factory to You

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Klink's sidecar is left behind while Schultz's motorcycle speeds away, a ski-like brace, propping up the sidecar, is clearly visible.

  • Quotes

    • Schultz: A little starvation doesn't hurt anybody. I grit my teeth, tighten my belt... and fall on my knees and beg for a little piece of cake!

    • Hogan: Kinch, from now on all communicatons for this operation use the code name 'Delivery Truck.'
      Kinch: Right, Colonel.
      LeBeau: 'Delivery Truck'--very good. Have you noticed how much more clever the code names are lately?
      Hogan: I think Intelligence has turned it over to an advertising agency.

    • LeBeau: Everything is going perfect.
      Hogan: Then why do I have this feeling of impending disaster?
      Newkirk: I think that's from seeing Crittendon. He leaves everyone feeling that way.

    • Crittendon: Where are those top-secret plans for the surprise attack on Stalag 16?
      Newkirk: Right behind you, sir, on the wall where you tacked them up.
      Crittendon: Ah, yes. There they are.

    • (Hilda leaves after seeing the motorcycle)
      Klink: How am I supposed to enjoy an eight-course dinner all by myself?
      Schultz: I'm not doing anything tonight.

    • Hogan: Why's the loading of the truck taking so long?
      LeBeau: When you're loading a truck with TNT, haste really makes waste.

  • Notes

    • This episode marked the only appearance from Bob Garrett and Peter Bourne.

      This episode marked the fifth of eight related appearances from Bernard Fox.


    • This episode appears third on the VHS collection's "Operation Sabotage" volume.

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