Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 3

How to Catch a Papa Bear

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

Prologue: LeBeau comes outside to distract Schultz with some apple strudel while Hogan prepares to go to a meeting witn an underground unit in Dusseldorf named North Star. He is to meet them at 2300 hours at a farm. LeBeau asks Schultz if there is anything unusual going on and he tells him that Klink will be making a surprise bed check that night. LeBeau says it may be around midnight. This prevents Hogan from going to the meeting, but when Newkirk says he can't be in both places without help, Hogan takes it as an offer to take his place. He says they don't know who he is, only his code name, Papa Bear. The meeting was set up because they want help in sabotaging railroad yards and London okayed it. Hogan tells Newkirk to just listen to their plan and come back. Part One: Klink and Schultz make the bed check, but Hogan is in Newkirk's bunk. When Klink asks him why, he says that Newkirk is sick with a cold and it was warmer in his office, Klink and Schultz barge in and see 'Newkirk' sleeping and leave. It's actually a bundle made to look like Newkirk sleeping next to the wall and a record of snoring under the bed. At the meeting, Newkirk says that he'll take their plan back to Papa Bear. There are four, two older men, another man, and a woman. She introduces herself as Myra and the fourth man as Wilhelm, and they are North Star. The two older men are Franz and Gunther from Dusseldorf. However, the Gestapo closes in on the barn as Myra tells Newkirk about the plan. The Gestapo comes in and Newkirk tries to talk his way out of it, and Wilhelm escapes. The Gestapo officer can't catch him, but they telke the others in. The next day, the men are worried about Newkirk; Kinch tells Hogan that he hasn't called in. Hogan says that they can't call him for feat that the Germans may catch them with their radio detection devices. Kinch says he hopes that Newkirk remembers the emergency frequency to use. Schultz comes in to say that Klink wants to see Hogan because Newkirk didn't answer morning roll call. Hogan says he's still sick. LeBeau comes out and puts a thermometer against the coffee pot. Hogan takes it and says that Newkirk is 'down' to 102 degees. They go in and see the same bundle. However, the record changes and music is heard. Klink orders a doctor to be found to see just how sick he is. However, Hogan changes his mind when he says it may be contagious and they may have to quarantine the camp and move the prisoners to other camps. Then the high command may send Klink to the Russian front. This prompts Klink to cancel the doctor and give Newkirk chicken soup, which Hogan says Newkirk responds well to. Back at Gestapo headquarters, Newkirk wonders who ratted them out, thinking it may be Gunther or Franz. Myra says they only had radio contact with them. Newkirk says that Papa Bear will come for them once he gets on the emergency frequency, 510. Just then, an officer comes in and takes Myra; Newkirk offers to go with her, but he is pushed away. Then a message comes in to the radio at the camp, saying that Newkirk is at Gestapo HQ. However, it is a trap; Myra sends the message and Wilhelm is a Gestapo officer. They say they have waited a long time to catch Papa Bear. Hogan sends a message to meet at midnight on the Hammelburg road and the recognition code is their code names. He sends LeBeau and Carter to bring them in. Part Two: Back at Gestapo HQ, Myra asks Wilhelm to go to the meeting alone, thinking that Papa Bear will come to get his man; then Wilhelm can come into their headquarters with force. He agrees and tells her to acknowledge the meeting. LeBeau and Carter are surprised a woman is there; Carter starts talking to her normally; she gives the code and he recognizes it, then starts talking normally again until LeBeau interrupts. Myra is surprised that they are taking her to a POW camp. She tells Hogan that she and Wilhelm ran away and that Gunther and Franz were captured along with Newkirk; and that Wilhelm is watching the jail. She says that if someone went to the chief officer and forced them to open the cells, they could release the prisoners and the rest could be waiting in the car. Then they could be hidden in the tunnels; Carter says they could even get them out of Germany, but Hogan stops him. The men like Myra's plan, but Hogan rejects it over their objections. Then he says that there is an ammo dump nearby and that because of the capture, any sabotage efforts may be postponed for a while and the Germans may relax. He tells Myra to get on the radio and tell Wilhelm about his plan and they want his help in it. They are to blow up the ammo dump tomorrow night and Hogan wants him to scout it. He is to meet Hogan nearby and the recognition code is Papa Bear...'in person this time.' She delivers the message, and the Gestapo returns it. Hogan has a gun and asks Kinch if he checked the message she sent as he loads a clip into it. When he says that it was exactly what he dictated and nothing else, he says he doesn't like to tell the Gestapo everything and points the gun at her. She reaches for a gun but the others subdue her. Kinch asks how he knew and Hogan says that before Newkirk left, they agreed any message Newkirk sent would start and end with the phrase 'four score and seven.' Myra offers to 'do business' and Hogan refuses. He says that since the Gestapo will be at the dump, they are going to spring Newkirk and the others at the jail. Hogan and Carter, dressed as Gestapo, take Myra and go into the jail as Wilhelm leaves, while LeBeau and Kinch wait at the dump to watch the Gestapo guard it. Myra tells the guard to release the prisoners, when he says he can't without authorization, Hogan pulls a gun and forces them to face a wall. Carter calls the other guard in German, when he arrives they force him to the wall and take his keys. Carter releases Newkirk, then Hogan has him release the others. Carter calls Wilhem as Corp. Carterhof with a message from Myra that Papa Bear will try to release the prisoners. The Gestapo leaves the dump, then Kinch and LeBeau plant explosives there and get out just as Hogan, Carter, and Newkirk arrive. The dump blows up and the men celebrate two missions well done. Epilogue: Back at camp, Klink finds Newkirk well and is upset that he didn't answer the roll calls. Both Hogan and Newkirk say it was because 'he's crazy about chicken soup.'
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