Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 19

Klink for the Defense

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 07, 1971 on CBS



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    • Klink: I intend to nail the prosecutor's fat hide to the wall!
      Burkhalter: Fat? What makes you think he's fat?
      Klink: That's how I pictured him. Uh, what does he look like?
      Burkhalter: A lot like me.
      Klink: Then he is fat!

    • Burkhalter: Hochstetter, Klink is a fine actor. Look how well he has played the part of a German officer all these years!

    • Newkirk: The next time we do business with the enemy, we're gonna make sure he's on our side.

    • Hogan: I understand you're counsel for the defense.
      Klink: Yes.
      Newkirk: How did it happen?
      Klink: I'm told that I volunteered.

    • Hochstetter: Kommandant Klink: A man who could have been great... except he wasn't very good.

    • Hochstetter: Hogan!? Since when is he running this prison camp?
      Schultz: Oh, let me see. It was three years ago, I think in November...
      Hochstetter: Bah!

    • Newkirk: You wouldn't want to tell me where (the map) is, just in case you had an accident? Like walking in front of the firing squad or something?
      Hauptmann: Colonel Klink, my brilliant defense counsel, is going to make sure that doesn't happen.
      Newkirk: Are you kidding? He'll be lucky if he isn't shot with you.

    • Burkhalter: Who's defending Hauptmann?
      Hochstetter: Whoever you pick to defend him.
      Burkhalter: I'm the prosecutor. I cannot appoint the defense counsel. You should know that.
      Hochstetter: I am the Gestapo. What do I know about law?

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