Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 20

Klink's Old Flame

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 08, 1969 on CBS



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    • Marlena: I've never heard of a prisoner-of-war camp like this.
      Hogan: Yeah, neither have we. Around here, punishment is not gettin' white wine with the fish!

    • Hogan: Schultz, be sensible, use your head?
      Schultz: In our army, it's against the regulations.

    • Hogan: ...we'd like to know why the roll calls, the inspections, and the lights-out jazz.
      Klink: Because we're having a visit from Count Rudolf von Heffernick, an SS general, who was one of Hitler's closest advisors.
      Hogan: The first thing he oughtta advise Hitler is to shave off that hokey mustache.

    • Newkirk: You are gonna throw a card, aren't ya, Carter?
      Carter: I'm thinking.
      Newkirk: That's your big mistake.
      Carter: Oh, I see what's wrong.
      Newkirk: A mixed deal?
      Carter: No, I've got gin rummy.

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    • Kinchloe: Her name is Marlene Schneider: Not Marlene Dietrich.

      Marlene Dietrich was a German-born American actress, singer, and entertainer. She was a Hollywood star during the 1930s, and later, a WWII front-line entertainer. She was also known to have an "active" love life, which brought much unwanted attention.