Hogan's Heroes

Season 2 Episode 14

Klink's Rocket

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 1966 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Klink's Rocket
Hogan plans to detour the German bombers that normally attack London, to a nearby Allied airbase.

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Werner Klemperer

Werner Klemperer

Col. Wilhelm Klink

Bob Crane

Bob Crane

Col. Robert Hogan

Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson

Cpl. Peter Newkirk

John Banner

John Banner

Sgt. Hans Schultz

Robert Clary

Robert Clary

Cpl. Louis LeBeau

Larry Hovis

Larry Hovis

Sgt. Andrew Carter

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    • Newkirk: Sir? I think this time we've bit off more than we can chew.
      Hogan: All we've gotta do is get Klink to believe there's a rocket gun factory in England, get him to pry the location out of Carter, then he notifies the Luftwaffe, they send over their bombers, our anti-aircraft knock 'em off, and we've relieved the pressure on London. Simple! (the men look at him) You know what? I think we bit off more than we can chew.

    • (the Heroes leave Billet to hang in the trees, Hogan goes through the emergency tunnel)
      LeBeau: Take it easy. Don't worry, the Colonel and I know exactly what we're doing. (goes to the wrong stump and tries to open it) Hey, it's stuck! Open up! It's me!
      Hogan: (pops out the right stump) LeBeau, if that one doesn't work, try this one here!

    • (after Klink tells the prisoners about the bombing of London)
      Newkirk: Bomb London, that rotten Kraut! (is held back by the other prisoners)
      Hogan: Hold it, hold it!
      LeBeau: Lousy Boche. Someday we will make them pay.
      Hogan: Someday? Why not now? (leaves, but the others have not) Come on, don't just stand there. We got work to do if we're gonna help London.
      Newkirk: You're forgetting something, sir: We're in the middle of Germany.
      Hogan: No, you're forgetting, so's Colonel Klink.

    • (Hogan asks Carter about the information)
      Carter: Well, come on, Colonel. What kind of goof do you think I am?
      Newkirk: Colonel, shall I tell him?

    • Klink: By the way, General, when you go to Berlin, you'll mention my name? Uh, say a few words here and there.
      Von Lintzer: Words? Why, I'd be glad to put in a few words: negligence, irresponsibility, inefficiency, stupidity…

    • Billett: That Schultz, he's a real beaut!
      Carter: Don't knock Schultz: he's one of the best soldiers in our army.

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