Hogan's Heroes

Season 2 Episode 14

Klink's Rocket

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

During roll call, Klink tells the prisoners about the Luftwaffe sending the blitzkrieg to London. The Heroes are upset over this, so Hogan thinks up a plan to help them. The men sneak a paratrooper named Billet into camp, then leave him in a tree for the Germans to find. Kinch tells Hogan that London is using an abandoned warehouse to front as a rocket gun factory and load it with anti-aircraft. Hogan's plan is to get the Germans to think that warehouse is a factory to make a new weapon that could end the war. The next day, Hogan has the men work around the camp so Schultz will be suspicious. It happens, then Hogan asks him to pick some grapes so the men in Barracks 3 can have a wine-tasting festival. When he refuses, Hogan tells Carter to get them, so Schultz says he will. Hogan goes to Klink's office, where he brags about the German war effort. When Klink isn't lookingm, he moves a couple of pins around, and takes a lampshade holder from a lamp. He convinces Klink that they are winning the war so fast that they won't be able to come out with a new rocket gun. When Klink says he's making it up, Hogan says he is, so Klink then says he wants to know everything about it. Schultz comes in to tell Klink about the paratrooper outside the camp. However, he put the grapes he picked in his helmet, and didn't put it back on, and when Klink saw that, he told Schultz to put it on. He did, so the grapes got smashed. Billet tells Hogan that he let slip to Klink that he is on his way to Russia. He gives Carter the lampshade holder and gives him what to tell Klink: that the holder is the breechplate for the gun, and it is manufactured in Leedingham(where the warehouse is). However, Carter can't remember the name of the town. At a roll call, Carter lets slip the holder and says that Billet gave it to him, as well as the info Hogan gave him. Klink takes Carter into his office for interrogation. The Heroes listen in on the coffeepot. They hear Carter moaning and think he is being tortured, but he is moaning from being full of food. Klink is using a different method of interrogation: pampering him and making Carter full, then he will call Luftwaffe Gen. Von Lintzer(supposedly an old school friend) to oversee the interrogation. He thinks it will get him a promotion to general. When Carter gets back to the barracks and tells the others what happened, they get upset. Hogan is upsed that he never gave any of the info he was supposed to give Klink. Kinch tells him about Von Lintzer's imminent arrival, and Hogan tells Carter not to give the info to Klink, to stall a couple of times and give it to Von Lintzer. Hogan asks for the location of the factory and Carter still can't remember. Later, Klink has Carter for dinner and gently asks about the info. Just then, Von Lintzer arrives. He keeps getting Klink's name wrong. When he sees Carter eating, he is angry over Carter getting food. Von Lintzer takes over the interrogation when Carter refuses to answer. Carter gets scared and forgets the name of the town again. Hogan, listening in on the coffeepot goes into the office and tells them Leedingham. Later, when the general leaves, he orders a bombing mission on the 'factory' and says he will lead it. When Klink asks him if he will say a few words about his role to Berlin, he says words that Klink does not want to hear. Later, Klink tells Hogan that Allied bombers shot down 62 bombers, including Von Lintzer's. Klink says it may be a trap, and Hogan says Klink may be blamed for it since he invited Von Lintzer to come to camp.