Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 5

Lady Chitterly's Lover (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 18, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Von Schlomm is waiting on Hitler's call regarding the escort of the Chitterlys to Berlin. It comes through, and he orders his staff car made ready, with a heavy escort.


Hogan knows Crittendon has no chance of fooling Hitler, which means Chitterly's mission must be stopped at Stalag 13. The trouble is, he has no idea how. So they resort to stalling tactics, which succeeds in getting the staff car cancelled. But this will only last until Von Schlomm gets through to Hitler (who is very busy). Hogan also fears the Gestapo will soon become involved. Then Newkirk brings news of another complication - Chitterly has escaped.


Chitterly emerges through the dog tunnel, where he meets Klink. He tells Klink what happened, and that his camp is an 'ant colony' of tunnels. Klink does not believe this, so Chitterly takes him to his quarters to show him the stove tunnel. He only ends up getting his hands burned. Then the Gestapo arrives, in the form of Major Hochstetter. Klink and Schultz go to meet him, leaving Chitterly alone. It is then that the stove opens....


Hochstetter is incredulous at the story Klink says that Chitterly told him. Von Schlomm remembers the earlier incident (caused by the fake von Schlomm) and Klink is once more threatened with the Russian Front. However, Hochstetter and von Schlomm start arguing and things turn acrimonious between them. They go to Klink's quarters to investigate the stove story, where they meet Crittendon (once more posing as Chitterly), Hogan and Leslie. Hochstetter checks out the stove, with the same result as Chitterly.


Then Hitler phones, and Leslie takes the call. To Hitler's fury, she says they are not going through with the mission because it would put their Cliveden fellows under house arrest; von Schlomm can go instead. She also tells Hitler to dispatch an invasion fleet for England to give the surrender terms maximum impact.


Back in the tunnel, Crittendon and Leslie are made ready to go to England. Baker reports that the Allies are waiting for Hitler's fleet. Hogan releases Chitterly into the camp. When news about the fleet reaches Stalag 13, Hochstetter accuses von Schlomm and Chitterly of treason and arrests them.

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