Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 25

LeBeau and the Little Old Lady

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 24, 1968 on CBS



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    • (Hogan, Newkirk, and Carter see Wilhelmina and LeBeau)
      Newkirk: We've been had, mates.
      Carter: Boy, have we been had.
      Newkirk: Gotta hand it to you LeBeau. This is the greatest snow job since Mount Everest.

    • (Hogan is trying to persuade Klink to take him and his men to find LeBeau)
      Klink: What if I refuse?
      Hogan: Then the Gestapo picks up LeBeau, your escape-proof record is ruined, loud-mouthed Hochstetter spreads it all over Berlin, and you're standing on a corner in Stalingrad thumbing through a Russian-German dictionary.

    • Klink: The prisoner will be brought out by my efficient, trusted, and dependable sergeant.
      Hochstetter: Oh? I didn't know they sent a replacement for Schultz.

    • (Hogan has met with Juliana)
      Hogan: Do the numbers 38, 26, 36 mean anything to you?

    • (LeBeau kisses the 'little old lady' and sees her off)
      Klink: You know something? LeBeau is really quite sentimental.
      Hogan: Mmm-hmmm.
      Klink: So am I. I'm not going to give him sixty days in the cooler.
      Hogan: You're not?
      Klink: Thirty days is enough.
      Hogan: Colonel, you've got a heart as big as the whole Reichstag.

    • Klink: This is an urgent request to replace four members of my camp personnel -- they are Wolfgang, Heidi, Hans, and Gerta, our German shepherd guard dogs. They have become lazy, inefficient, and vicious.
      Hogan: I thought they were supposed to be vicious.
      Klink: Not to me!
      Hogan: Dogs and kids are great judges of character.

    • (after Hogan tells Klink about LeBeau escaping)
      Carter: Why'd you turn him in, Colonel?
      Kinch: So Klink could capture him instead of the Gestapo, right?
      Hogan: Right.
      Newkirk: He needs a bloodhound to find the camp. He'll never capture LeBeau.
      Hogan: That's why we're gonna help him.

    • Klink: The day you tell me where one of your prisoners is hiding is the day you send a birthday gift to Goering.
      Hogan: Ask Hermann who sent him the girdle last year.

    • Schultz: Herr Kommandant, will you take the word of an irresponsible American prisoner, or the word of one of your most trustworthy, loyal, and efficient sergeants?
      Hogan: If you're smart, Schultz, you'll rephrase the question

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    • Newkirk mentions Mount Everest and compares it to LeBeau's snow job.

      Mount Everest is the mountain highest above sea level in the world. It is located in the Himilayas and is snow-covered year-round.