Hogan's Heroes

Season 5 Episode 20

One Army at a Time

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 13, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Carter impersonates Corporal Hans Wagner of the Luftwaffe.

    • Carter appears ungloved in this episode, and his real-life wedding ring is visible. Carter generally wore gloves as Larry Hovis refused to remove his wedding band during filming although his character was unmarried.

  • Quotes

    • Carter: A lot of the Krauts are being shipped out next week; I could be next!
      Hogan: Shipped out -- where?
      Carter: (holds up an item) They issued these.
      Kinchloe: Earmuffs!
      Carter: I don't think we're planning to attack Miami.

    • Klink: Hogan, you don't understand the Gestapo, do you?
      Hogan: No, I don't.
      Klink: Neither do I. I just do as they demand.

    • (Klink is awoken wearing a hairnet)
      Hochstetter: What is this thing on your head?
      Klink: Oh, oh, that! (chuckles) It has a... a... a special ointment to, uh, stimulate the growth of my hair. Ja, ja.
      Hochstetter: Any possibility it might stimulate some activity under the scalp?

    • Schultz: It is against the rules for a man to be in two armies in the same war!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Carter mentions that the Germans will show a captured Betty Grable film.

      Betty Grable was a famed performer whose timeless bathing suit pin-up poster was a hit and inspiration to World War II Allied troops.

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