Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 10

One in Every Crowd

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

One night after midnight, the men of Barracks 3 are playing poker. The dealer is Williams, a new man who recently moved from another barracks. When Williams gets a great card in a game of five card stud, Newkirk says he's dealing from the bottom of the deck. The others call him 'cheat.' When Williams protests, Newkirk punches him and a fight ensues. Hogan comes out of his office to break it up and orders the game ended, and everyone to get their money back. Williams protests giving it back and Hogan says he knows that he's been stealing Red Cross packages and selling them to the Germans. When theWilliams tries to get the money, the fight resumes. Then Klink and Schultz come in and Hogan quickly has the men start dancing lessons. Klink has Hogan puts him on report. The next day, a German officer comes into camp with a large truck with something under a tarpaulin. He goes into Klink's office. Carter and LeBeau see this and go to tell Hogan, but Williams cuts off Carter. Meanwhile, LeBeau tells Hogan and he turns on the coffee pot. The officer tells Klink his truck needs a new fuel pump and must leave the truck in camp. Klink objects, but the officer, Capt. Hermann produces orders from one of Hitler's generals and Klink co-operates. Hermann tells Klink that he is carrying a new prototype of a recoilless field gun to go into production in France. Hogan has LeBeau tell Kinch about this to get London's help in destroying it. Meanwhile, Williams asks Carter for his flashlight so he can escape that night. Carter says that Hogan has orders: no escaping without permission, but Williams scoffs at them. Later that night, in the tunnel, London says that the Air Force can't help and they want the men to destroy it. Carter suggests a demolition pack and Hogan says to get to work on it. As they leave, Williams, in a new suit, and with supplies, goes out the tunnel, However, he does not get far. He steps on a twig and Schultz and another guard catch him. Klink says that he will put Williams in the cooler, but Williams says he does not need Hogan's help. Klink orders Hogan back to the barracks and when he goes, Williams says he has military information for Klink, but that he wants money, his sentence revoked, and to leave camp to live somewhere until after the war ends. The other men listen in and tell Hogan when he gets back. He has Carter arrange to get Williams' meals in the cooler. The next day, Carter listens in to Klink's interrogation of Williams in the cooler and tells Hogan that Williams tells Klink about a recent sabotage of a bridge and the way it was done. Hogan says they must try to sabotage the gun and pin it on Williams. He has an underground operative, code name Felix, come into camp and dress him up in a German uniform with fake orders that have Gen. Burkhalter's forged signature on it. He arranges for a girl named Maria Schmidt to accompany him. Later, Newkirk calls Klink as a Gestapo officer who is working with Hitler. Klink is ordered to go to Berlin to confer with the Gestapo and Burkhalter on the Williams matter. He also calls Burkhalter with the same ploy. The next day, Fritz comes in as Maj. Weber, with Maria as his secretary, to be in command of the camp while Klink is away. He orders Schultz to bring Williams into Klink's office. When he gets there, he tells Williams that Berlin has agreed to his terms and to dictate all his info to Maria. When they are done, Schultz brings Hogan in and gets Williams. Fritz gives Hogan all the info, and also shows him the fake info. Maria says that Williams signed it without realizing it. When Schultz gets back, Fritz says that he has been ordered back to Berlin and that Schultz is in charge of the office. He gives Schultz the fake info and to give it to Klink to give to him when he gets back. Klink arrives back that night, and catches Schultz in his chair smoking one of his cigars. Klink says that the Gestapo never showed and he had to sit with Burkhalter. Schultz gives Klink the info and he reads that a small arms factory in Hammelburg will be blown up that night. Klink orders every available man to go there and has Schultz in charge of communications. After they leave, Newkirk and LeBeau go to Williams' cell and blow the door open, while Carter goes to the gun to set the bomb. Newkirk and LeBeau then take him to the barracks and Newkirk gives him Williams' jacket. Hogan says that Williams will go to England and will be tried as a traitor. The gun then blows up and Schultz is upset. Later, Capt. Hermann is distraught over the sabotage and Hogan gives him and Klink Williams' jacket, saying he blew the door open, then blew up the gun, but did not get away. Klink does not believe it, but when Hermann asks him where the guards were, he changes his mind.