Hogan's Heroes

CBS (ended 1971)





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  • The networks today do not know what's FUNNY! They need to watch shows like "Hogan's Heroes" to re-discover the comedy that we like!

    Only in America can you produce and air a program about a POW camp in WWII and make it a popular comedy! And, I love it! Unfortunately, the industry today is run by pre-pubic IDIOTS. Contestants on modern-day game shows (many called "reality" shows) are called "reality STARS". Come on...STARS are people like Bogart and Clooney, NOT Kim Kardasian or talentless Kate Gosselin.

    We need to bring back MORE great shows (and writers) like we had in the 60's (and parts of the 70's and 80's). What's wrong with the networks these days? All they have to do is WATCH Hogan's Heroes" and the other popular shows from that era for a guide. And, what's going on with TV LAND? They seem to have forgotten what they're all about! Write them a letter and protest! And, if they don't go back to shows like Hogan's, call your cable company and tell them to DUMP TV LAND! The market is wide open for a NEW network to run the old programs that we like! Who's going to do it?