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CBS (ended 1971)





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  • Better than you remember!

    If you haven't watched in a long time, give it a shot. The Allied plans for sabotage under the direction of Col. Hogan are really well done. Until recently, I hadn't realized that Hogan and his crew were actually more or less on assignment from the Underground to remain POWs for the purposes of sabotage and supplying information. Watching with this in mind, it makes more sense as to why no one escaped when they actually all had the means and could. I understand the criticism from the standpoint of minimizing Nazi cruelty and actual prison camp conditions, but this criticism isn't applied to movies (like Stalag 17 or The Great Escape), so it shouldn't be applied here. Hogan and his team take their job and their mission seriously. In the long run, it is an enjoyable show with lots of familiar guest stars, Jews portraying the lead Nazi roles (so they must have been OK with it!) and even Gene Reynolds (one of the creators of "M*A*S*H") directing many episodes.