Hogan's Heroes

Season 5 Episode 22

Six Lessons From Madame LaGrange

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 27, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Hogan tricks the Germans into believing that LeBeau was a famous dance instructor, when previously the con was that LeBeau was "Yvette of Paris," a famous fashion designer.

  • Quotes

    • Burkhalter: Which would you prefer, Klink -- an engagement with a beautiful fraulein or a chess game with a general who can transfer you to the Russian front?
      Klink: (gets a chess set from his desk) White for you, sir?

    • Hogan: Sometimes it's smart not to see 'em every night. Keeps 'em guessing.
      Klink: Other men can play that game, I can't.
      Hogan: Why not?
      Klink: The last time I missed a date with a woman, it took two policemen and and a priest to talk her out of jumping.

    • Hogan: Hochstetter's no match for you when it comes to romance.
      Klink: You know, you're right. I keep forgetting how attractive I am to women.

    • Kinchloe: What did Lily Frankel have to tell you, Colonel?
      Hogan: 'Fraid I've got bad news for you.
      Newkirk: She's married?
      Hogan: No, not that bad. It's just the Gestapo is about to wipe out our whole operation.

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