Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 2

Some of Their Planes Are Missing

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 16, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Klink greets six German officers who arrive at Stalag 13. Kinch, Olsen, and Carter confirm their number, but not where they are attached. Hogan has LeBeau wander outside; the spotlights go over them and confirm they are Luftwaffe. The men try to pump Schultz for information and when he refuses, they break out the chocolate. Schultz tells them that the six Luftwaffe officers left early in the morning and will be brought back that night. Just then, they hear planes overhead; they see they are RAF planes. Later, Carter and LeBeau convince Schultz that Klink ordered them to shine the officers' boots. While they do, LeBeau sneaks into a locker and hides; Carter gets Schultz to leave and LeBeau plants a listening device on one of the light fixtures. That night, a Luftwaffe Col. Leman addresses the officers. He tells them that they are part of Operation Albatross, a secret mission where they learn to fly RAF planes and learn their recognition codes and flight pattern, then infiltrate the English squadrons and shoot them down; flying from German bases on the French coast. Klink tells Burkhalter and Leman that Hogan and his men watching the planes fly over the camp. Burkhalter tells him to act ignorant about the whole thing. Hogan says they have to know where they keep the planes in the area so they can not take off; just one attack could take out a lot of RAF fighters. He has Kinch radio the underground for any suspicous movment in the area. The next day, LeBeau talks to Schnizer, the dog handler; he points out one of the dogs. That night, LeBeau gets the dog through the tunnel under the doghouse, takes him down and removes his collar. Inside the collar is a message to bring in Conrad, an underground contact later that night. Carter brings in Conrad, who has the info Hogan needs: a secret airstrip five kilometers north of Hammelburg where six planes are kept. Hogan says they will try to sabotage the planes the next night. Hogan asks Conrad for six of his best men and Carter for six demolition charges. He then thinks of an alibi, because they know that he saw the planes fly over. When Carter suggests a party, Hogan gets an idea to invite himself to a party the Germans throw in in advance of the success of the mission. The next day, Hogan buddies up to Leman, saying he admired his flying ability. He gets Leman to invite him to the party that night. At the party, Hogan pretends to get drunk and pass out on a bed. Carter and LeBeau are dressed as German soldiers. Hogan goes into one of the bedrooms and lays face down. Olsen takes Hogan's place on the bed, wearing his cap and jacket. Hogan then goes and changes into a Luftwaffe officer's uniform; he, Carter, LeBeau and Conrad's men go to the airfield. They get to the gate and one of the guards asks for the password. When they do not have it, he asks for the papers, and instead produce weapons. They get in and LeBeau and Carter set the charges on the planes. Conrad's men get the barracks. At one point, Klink shows Burkhalter the passed out 'Hogan.' When Burkhalter gets word about the sabotage, he says that one of the guards said that one of the saboteurs looked like Hogan. Burkhalter, Hogan and Leman go in and find Hogan(the real Hogan) still passed out on the bed.