Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 20

Sticky Wicket Newkirk

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 20, 1968 on CBS



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    • (after the explosion)
      Hochstetter: It is nothing, Klink.
      Klink: Nothing?
      Hochstetter: I thought you did not believe our informant.
      Klink: Maj. Hochstetter, I was merely indicating to you that sometimes these things are difficult to accept.
      Gretel: You said, 'Impossible.'
      Klink: The difficult, I believe immedately. The impossible sometimes, heh, takes a little longer.

    • (Hogan gives Newkirk the real plan)
      Hogan: After you set off the explosives, get the ten men out the other end. Hochstetter will pull the Gestapo in the camp. The way will be clear.
      Newkirk: Do I go out with them, sir?
      Hogan: No, you wait a while, then turn yourself in at the main gate.
      Newkirk: Oh, great! I can talk me way out of anything with old Klink.
      Hogan: Yeah, but you won't be so lucky with us! Get goin'!
      Newkirk: (timidly) Yes, sir.

    • (Hochstetter is looking for the bunk tunnel entrance)
      Hochstetter: Chop through the floor; use your axes.
      Hogan: Better that way -- it has the Gestapo touch.

    • (Schultz has crashed through the barracks door)
      Schultz: Who was holding the door? I want to know!
      Hogan: No one, Schultz. It sticks in the warm weather.
      Schultz: But it's freezing outside.
      Hogan: It's a pleasure to see your mind work.

    • (Newkirk has just escaped)
      Klink: Schultz, just before you left here, you searched him, didn't you? You searched him!?
      Schultz: I think I can say almost positively...that I believe so.
      Klink: Schultz!!

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