Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 29

The Assassin

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 08, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This marks the final appearance of Cynthia Lynn as Fraulein Helga as she would be replaced for the final five seasons.

      Update: Actually Cynthia Lynn wasn't really featured in this episode.  You caught a quick glimps of her back when Gen Burkhalter walks into Klinks office.  This is evident by virtue of the blue shirt she wore most of the time.  Her final episode was Season 1 Episode 32.

    • A rare use of impossible sound effects is displayed in this episode: As Hogan leaves Klink's office and fingers the arrow in the door, an external "boing" sound is used to accentuate the action.

  • Quotes

    • Klink: Schultz, did you see anyone in the compound just now -- anyone shooting arrows?
      Schultz: Shooting arrows? No, Herr Kommandant, but this afternoon the prisoners were pitching horseshoes.

    • (an arrow is shot through the cap on Klink's head)
      Klink: What is it?
      Hogan: I don't know. Ever do anything nasty to Robin Hood?

    • Burkhalter: (speaking of Vanetti) How can he be so brainy and dumkopf enough to blow himself up?

    • (Hogan gives Crittendon the plan to kill Vanetti)
      Crittendon: How will I know him?
      Hogan: You know me, and you know Klink. He'll be the one you don't know.
      Crittendon: I say...jolly good!

    • Carter: Dr. Vanetti? Uh, forgive my, uh, professional curiosity, sort of, but do you think our side will ever come up with the atomic bomb?
      Vanetti: I hope not. It would be noisy, very noisy.

    • (Klink and Vanetti are having dinner)
      Klink: And, uh, I trust things are proceeding well with your little project, Dr. Vanetti?
      Vanetti: Klink, what do you know about my project?
      Klink: I know nothing, nothing at all. I just asked if things went well.
      Vanetti: Even that is a most dangerous question.
      Klink: Of course, I understand completely.
      Vanetti: Do you?
      Klink: No, I do not understand. I know nothing, I understand nothing.

    • (Crittendon comes out of the tunnel)
      Crittendon: Hogan, old boy. Good to see you again. I say, fantastic operation you've got going on down there, absolutely fantastic. Why didn't you tell me about it when I was here before, eh?
      Hogan: Colonel Crittendon, at that time, you said the only duty of a prisoner of war was to escape, and if we were engaged in any more than that, you'd tell the Germans.
      Crittendon: I said that? Yes, I suppose I did.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hogan references Robin Hood after an arrow is shot through Klink's cap.

      Robin Hood is a mythical hero known for his good works for the poor and his impeccable skill with a bow and arrow.