Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 27

The Collector General

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 09, 1968 on CBS



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    • Hogan: When you steal from a thief, one sure thing: He'll never call the cops.

    • Klink: Hogan, this is the end of a brilliant military career.
      Hogan: Anybody we know, sir?

    • (Karl and Lisa kiss)
      Newkirk: Married?
      Hogan: 'Fraid so, old chap.
      Newkirk: I don't think I can go on with this war, sir.
      Hogan: Come on, Newkirk. Give us another chance.

    • Hogan: Any questions?
      LeBeau: Ah, oui, Colonel. What's the plan in case something goes wrong?
      Newkirk: Start running!
      Hogan: And don't look back. Somethin' may be gainin' on us.

    • Hogan: The Krauts learn they just can't take things, that's injuring them in my book.
      LeBeau: Vive le Colonel! Vive le Colonel!
      Hogan: LeBeau?
      LeBeau: Yes, sir?
      Hogan: Shut up!

    • Newkirk: Our beloved Kommandant is a nut case.
      Hogan: It's embarrassing.
      LeBeau: I may put in for a transfer!

    • Hogan: Uh, Newkirk?
      Newkirk: Yes, sir?
      Hogan: Ease off, will ya?
      Newkirk: I can't help it, sir, I'm in love.
      Hogan: You just met her an hour ago! Suppose she'd been a middle-aged, frumpy hausfrau?
      Newkirk: Well, that would have taken an extra fifteen minutes.
      Hogan: We gotta end this war quick -- you're a mess.

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  • Allusions

    • In real life, the Germans actually did loot the art treasures of many countries. This is alluded to in another episode, too, when Burkhalter gets the painting "The Boy with the Fife" and LeBeau steals it.