Hogan's Heroes

Season 5 Episode 10

The Defector

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 28, 1969 on CBS



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    • Hochstetter: Reich Fuhrer Himler has ordered me to arrest him.
      Gretchen: What?! The Field Marshall?
      Hogan: Why not? Everybody else in Germany's been arrested.

    • Richter: System? You mean you have more than one tunnel?
      Carter: Oh, heck, I've seen groundhogs down there that were lost.

    • Klink: I have no dear friends.
      Hochstetter: I can believe that.

    • Hochstetter: My superiors in Berlin feel that there are two dangers to the Third Reich: The Allies and Colonel Klink.

    • Klink: Schultz, the door.
      Schultz: Jawohl, Herr Kommandant.
      Hogan: Like to see the kommandant, Schultz.
      Klink: Tell him I'm not in!
      Schultz: Colonel Hogan, I'm awfully sorry but the kommandant is not in.
      Hogan: I can see him.
      Schultz: So can I, but he is not in!

    • LeBeau: Field Marshall General Richter?
      Hogan: With his gold braid and his orchestra.
      Carter: He's one of Hitler's closest friends.
      Hogan: They were school children together.
      Newkirk: Blimey.
      Hogan: Hitler should've knocked him off during recess.

  • Notes

    • This marks the sixth of seven overall appearances from Arlene Martel.
      This episode is one of two where Arlene Martel plays an unrelated role other than Tiger.
      Arlene Martel played underground agent Tiger in five other episodes.

    • This episode marks the second of three unrelated appearances by Harold J. Stone.

    • This episode appears fourth on the VHS collection's "Hogan, The Mastermind" volume.

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