Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 2

The Experts

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 27, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hogan is love-making with Hilda in Klink's car when he sees the Gestapo arrive. The coffee pot reveals that the Gestapo want Holtz and Metzler, two guards who recently transferred to Stalag 13. Metzler is on leave, but Holtz is in the camp. The Gestapo say they want the guards for black market activities, but Klink does not believe this. Watching through the periscope, Hogan confirms Klink's suspicions when he sees the Gestapo shoot Holtz in cold blood.


Klink makes it clear to Hogan that he does not know why the Gestapo want Metzler and Holtz dead (and does not want to know), so Hogan uplifts their personnel records for clues. He learns that both men were radio specialists for the same company, and then both were transferred to Stalag 13 on the same transfer. This is suspicious but does not explain the Gestapo's motive. With the aid of Louisa from the Underground, they track down Meztler to the apartment of his girlfriend, Maria.


Metzler is surprised to see Hogan (with a gun) at the apartment because he knows him for a Stalag 13 prisoner. Hogan sees no option but to explain about his operation, and tells Metzler about the Gestapo. Metzler can believe the Gestapo part because another of his men met the same fate as Holtz. But he finds it harder to believe that Hogan is in charge of a special operation that can get him to England.


Then Louisa and Newkirk warn them that the Gestapo are in town looking for Metzler, and they move Metzler and Maria to a safe place. Metzler admits they were building an important communications center, but will not reveal more until he has proof that Hogan to get him to England. The proof he demands, and receives, is a personal ad in The London Times.  Hogan then takes him and Maria to Stalag 13 and prepare to smuggle them to England. Metzler tells them everything he knows about the communication center, and the information is radioed to England.


Hogan then remembers he has business with Hilda and goes back to Klink's car to resume the love-making. Klink interrupts the love-making by taking the car into town. Hogan commandeers another staff car so as not to keep Hilda waiting.