Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 6

The Gestapo Takeover

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 25, 1970 on CBS



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    • (The Gestapo plans to reassign all Luftwaffe personnel)
      Schultz: To where?
      Hogan: I give you a hint: it's big, cold, east of here, and there are a lot of people named Ivan shooting at you all the time.

    • Klink: Major Strauss has something to say that concerns all of us.
      Hogan: Are you surrendering to me? I should have worn my dress blues!

    • Klink: We are a Luft Stalag, Herr Major. We do not believe in starvation.
      Strauss: (looks at Schultz) Ja, so I see.
      Schultz: I am on a diet.

    • Girl at bar: Are you really a Colonel?
      Klink: Of course, my dear, isn't that quite obvious?
      Schultz: But hard to believe, huh?
      Klink: Schultz!
      Schultz: I-I-I mean, eh, you being so human.
      Hogan: That's not easy to believe, either.

    • Hogan: Kommandant, thank you for getting me out of the cooler.
      Klink: Believe me, for the first time I had to use all my intelligence and craftiness.
      Hogan: Yeah, well, I got out anyway.

    • Hogan: You won't go to Berlin, but you will go to the Eastern Front, when the Major's ready.
      Klink: He doesn't bother me.
      Hogan: Come on, Kommandant, who're you kidding?
      Klink: He doesn't bother me! Scare me, yes…

    • (Klink shows up at the barracks at night, wearing full uniform and a pair of sunglasses.)
      Baker: 'Ten-hut!
      Klink: Never mind the formalities, at ease.
      Hogan: Don't worry: nobody recognized you, sir. We even had trouble, right, fellas?
      LeBeau and Baker: Right.
      Carter: Uh, who is he?

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