Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 1

The Informer

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 17, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

The black and white pilot episode for Hogan's Heroes and stands out as not your typical episode in many respects. The major differences are that this episode has Helga, Klink's secretary actually helping the prisoners in their shenanigans. In later episodes she is only infatuated with Hogan and helps the prisoners in a more reserved manner, hiding mail, forwarding phone calls, etc. The boys welcome Lieutenant Carter after there is a switch in the woods. Carter is being measured by the men first to see if he actually is who he says he is. When he passes the test he is then measured for a new suit. As he is getting fitted by a Russian tailor, Carter is told all about the operation at Camp 13. They are actually a processing center for escaping prisoners with an elaborate system of tunnels and equipment with the secondary function of frustrating the German war effort.

After a new prisoner is located in Hogan's barracks, it is discovered that he is actually a German spy sent to gather information. When he makes his first report to his superiors in Berlin, Hogan is furious, until he finds the leak is actually Lt. Carter who was sleeping when staff pickpocket and magician Corporal Newkirk was informing others of the informant. Hogan decides to show the informant of their entire operation, beginning with a decoy entrance to the tunnels. As Hogan winds the dupe through the maze of tunnels and operations, the informant gathers information and evidence to show to his superiors.

Once the superiors arrive the informant is set up for the fall. His evidence of a machine shop making Luger shaped lighters has been replaced by a real Luger that destroys a cigar in Colonel Burkhalter's mouth. The counterfeit marks have disappeared, with the help of Newkirk, and the tunnel entrance is NOT under the water tower. The informant is discredited and Lt. Carter manages to escape to England via a submarine. All is well once again at Camp 13 and they live to fight another day.
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