Hogan's Heroes

Season 5 Episode 6

The Kommandant Dies at Dawn

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 31, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Running Gags:

      1. Somebody suggesting a ridiculous plan.
      2. Sergeant Schultz giving good news and bad news.

  • Quotes

    • Klink: Hogan, the saddest day of my life was the day you got captured.
      Hogan: Are you kidding? Before I arrived, you had so many escapes they were going to put a revolving door at the front gate.

    • Schultz: Well, gentlemen, we have good news and bad news.
      Hogan: What's the good news, Schultz?
      Schultz: Colonel Klink is back.
      Hogan: What's the bad news?
      Schultz: We have to call off the firing squad.

    • (Klink has been jailed and sentenced to death by firing squad)
      Kinchloe: How's Klink taking it?
      Hogan: He's taking it like the man that he is: on his knees, sobbing hysterically.

    • Carter: Gin.
      Newkirk: Gin?
      Carter: Did I catch you with much?
      Newkirk: I got so many kings and queens, it looks like a dance at Buckingham Palace!

    • Klink: Major Feldkamp, how very, very nice of you. And now, we are off to the Hauserhauf!
      Feldkamp: No, we are off to the guardhouse. You have revealed military secrets; you are under arrest for treason.

    • Schultz: It's going to snow again. The weather is getting a little nippy.
      : Yeah, it's a good thing the mail arrives.
      Schultz: Why? Are you expecting any warm clothing?
      Newkirk: No, I use the letters to cover the holes in me underwear.
      Schultz: I could use a few letters myself.
      Hogan: Yeah in your case, Schultz, you'd need the New York Times. Sunday edition.

    • Klink: I don't want you to cause any trouble while Field Marshall Kesselring is here: it'll mean the cooler!
      : Me, cause trouble?
      : And none of your jokes, Hogan. The Field Marshall has no sense of humor.
      Hogan: I wouldn't say that. He's got some pretty funny planes in the Luftwaffe.

    • Carter: I got an idea. We sneak into Klink's quarters; now we've got the figures on the Luftwaffe's production? We slip it into his bathing suit, and we very carefully sorta cut the drawstring. Then when he goes for a swim and he dives in the water, the drawstring breaks. His trunks float away, and we've got another Underground agent waiting downstream.
      Newkirk: You have gone crackers.
      Carter: Well, I just wanted to see if anybody was paying attention.

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