Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 22

The Pizza Parlor

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The major gestures by pointing to the rear of the vehicle, i.e. the opposite direction the vehicle is heading, as he says Switzerland is where he wants to go. The major knows he wants to defect to Switzerland and is confident he will find his way regardless how far away he is currently from his ultimate destination.

    • As Major Bonacelli approached Stalag 13, he ordered his driver to go to Switzerland. The goof is Switzerland is between his POW camp in Italy and Stalag 13, which is in the heart of Germany (once stated to be 50 miles from the Germany coast). Major Bonacelli would be back tracking to reach Switzerland at this point, as Stalag 13 is between Heidelberg and Düsseldorf (about 106 air kilometers from Heidelberg (199 km/ 124 miles) by car).

    • In this episode, when Bonacelli returns with the "escaped" prisoners, they re-enter camp whistling the show's theme.

  • Quotes

    • Klink: I'm sure that Major Bonacelli is very impressed by Stalag 13.
      Hogan: Oh, this is a rough camp. And you know how tough the Germans can be. Just look at the way Hitler treats Mussolini.

    • Schultz: Colonel Hogan, one of these days Kommandant Klink is going to come here and make a thorough roll call. And you know what's going to happen with Schultz? Right to the Russian front!
      Hogan: Don't tell me you're afraid of a bunch of guys who dance sitting down?

    • Sub Captain: Well, nice to hear from you, Goldilocks. Been trying to get in touch with you since Monday.
      Hogan: We've been on a three-day pass and couldn't get to a phone.

    • (Klink introduces Hogan to Bonacelli)
      Hogan: Always nice to meet one of our allies.
      Klink: They're our allies!
      Hogan: (snapping his fingers) I keep forgetting.

    • Hogan: LeBeau, how are you on pizza?
      LeBeau: Pizza? You would ask a Frenchman to cook a piece of cardboard with tomato sauce?
      Hogan: We swear not to tell anybody.
      LeBeau: Ask me to dig a tunnel, yes. To climb barbed wire, yes. But to make a pizza, no!
      Hogan: We all have to make sacrifices.

    • Hogan:Do you give away your secrets to a foreigner?
      Klink: Colonel Hogan, may I remind you that the Italians are our allies?
      Hogan: Don't remind me, remind them.

    • Schultz: Newkirk, what are you doing?
      Newkirk: Cleaning your gun.
      Schultz: You see, Newkirk has the proper spirit; he is cleaning my gun... My gun!?

  • Notes

    • Hans Conried had 209 credits as an actor in both movies and television.

    • Harry Lauter has 326 actor credits to his name, appearing mostly in TV westerns. He came to be a familiar presence in low-budget films, serials, and television programs in the 1950s, though he only once really came close to stardom, as one of the leads in the television series Tales of the Texas Rangers (1955). Most of his career was spent as a serviceable second lead or heavy, though he continued to play bit parts in larger pictures.

    • This episode marked the first of three unrelated appearances from Elisa Ingram.

      This episode marked the only appearance from Hans Conried, Jack Good, Joe E. Tata, Ernest Sarracino, and Harry Lauter.

      This episode marked the second of nine unrelated appearances from Bard Stevens.



    • This is the first episode where the cooler is shown. Italian Major Bonacelli has the honors of being the first prisoner to be seen inside.

    • When the character of Major Bonacelli returns, he is played by a different actor, Vito Scotti.

    • In addition to being one of the great character actors of all time, Hans Conried was one of the great cartoon voices of all time. Joey Tata [Garlotti] is better known today as Joe E. Tata, and was the soda shop owner Nat on Beverly Hills, 90120.

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