Hogan's Heroes

Season 2 Episode 30

The Reluctant Target

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 1967 on CBS



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    • Klink: Why would anyone want to kill me? Who have I ever hurt?
      Hogan: Maybe it isn't personal.
      Klink: There is nothing more personal than being killed.

    • Hogan: We can get somebody to take your place while you're safely hidden. Then the killer's next move would be against the decoy. You step in and capture him.
      Klink: Hogan, that's a wonderful idea. I know just the man who could do it.
      Hogan: Who?
      Klink: You.
      Hogan: Not me! I'd be a sitting duck! Get someone else.

    • Hogan: By the way, did Schultz tell you a man came to the office today?
      Klink: Yes. Who was it?
      Hogan: A very suspicious character. He might very well be our man. He said he was from the Gestapo.
      Klink: Why should that be suspicious?
      Hogan: Because he was a pleasant, likable guy.
      Klink: You're right. There is no one in the Gestapo that fits that description.

    • (when in disguise as Kommandant Klink)
      Hogan: How do I look?
      Newkirk: Good enough to kill. Got yourself a new tailor?

    • (about Schultz finding no papers or evidence on the escapee)
      Klink: Now you can search over one hundred thousand persons and not one person will have absolutely nothing in his pockets. Now, that not only makes him suspicious, but that makes him guilty. He's a spy. (Schultz applauds) Isn't that logical, Hogan?
      Hogan: If that's so, you'll find a lot of spies at the beach.

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