Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 27

The Safecracker Suite

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 25, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • A pack of Philip Morris cigarettes is superimposed over much of the closing credits.

    • This episode shows a very rare glimpse of Sergeant Carter's left hand ungloved while he eats in the barracks. Larry Hovis nearly always wore gloves because his character was unmarried, although he refused to remove his real-life wedding ring during filming.

    • One of the background prisoners (no name or ever credited) - seen at roll calls, in the barracks and most prominently in Episode 15 shaving - is pressed into service as the guard by Klink's door.

  • Quotes

    • Schultz notices Alfie for the first time
      Schultz: Who is that?
      Hogan: Him? Just one of the boys.
      Schultz: Boys. What's your name, uh...sonny?
      Alfie: Burke, Alfred, private first class.
      Schultz: I don't remember his name on the roll call.
      Hogan: Oh sure you do Schultz. Think hard.
      Schultz: What do you think I am, nuts or something? Who is that grandpa?
      Hogan: Just another one of the prisoners, captured like the rest of us.
      Schultz: Who captured him, the Kaiser?

    • Klink: I just heard from the Gestapo. They are convinced of my innocence.
      Hogan: Congratulations. Now you can start breathing again.

    • Klink: For the first time since I have taken command here, I want to know nothing. Nothing!

    • Hogan: What did he mean when he said "There's something I want to discuss with you" -- do you remember that?
      Klink: Now that is the most innocent thing for a man to say.
      Hogan: Oh sure, sure. It's what everybody says... just before they're arrested by the Gestapo.

    • Schultz: Herr Kommandant, a Major Kronman is here.
      Klink: Kronman, Kronman, that sounds familiar. Gestapo?
      Schultz: No, sir, he seems like a nice fellow.

    • Hogan: Request permission to bring local girls into camp for weekend dance.
      Klink: Ha ha ha, that's marvelous!
      Hogan: Glad you agree, sir.
      Klink: I do not agree! Girls in a POW camp: That would be fantastic.
      Hogan: It sure would!
      Klink: Denied!
      Hogan: Glad I caught you in a good mood.

    • Hogan: All right, gentlemen: the floor plan to the hotel. Klink got it for me.
      LeBeau: Really?
      Kinchloe: Man, he must be scared.
      Hogan: Scared? Just because he wears his monocle in his ear?

    • Klink: To think that this little piece of metal, this key, could lock or unlock a brilliant military man's future.
      Hogan: Forget Major Kronman, he's finished.
      Klink: Not Kronman, me!

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