Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 23

The Witness

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 1969 on CBS

Episode Recap

Prologue: The Russian beauty Marya is back and in Klink's office with a Gen. von Raucher. After Klink lights his cigarette, von Raucher asks hin how he would describe Hogan. Klink calls him unique, but von Raucher yells that a commandant should not have unique prisoners, stabbing out the cigarette in a small ashtray. Marya says that Hogan is unique and von Raucher says that that is why Hogan is going to be a part of his plan. In Hogan's quarters, he, LeBeau, Kinch and Newkirk are listening in over the coffee pot bug. LeBeau, still in love with Marya, insists they are just good friends. Newkirk is not convinced, but Hogan wants to listen to them. He says that he thinks knows the general's name; Kinch tells him he's one of the Germans' best people in new weapons developement. Hogan wants to know why Marya is with them. Carter then comes in and says that Schultz is looking for him. He tells the others to listen in and not miss a word. When Schultz finds him, he asks why they want him. Schultz says that his lips are sealed, but Hogan pulls out a chocolate bar and says that he has his ear to the ground. Schulz tells him that the Russian woman is with the general; he reminds Hogan she was there when the rocket fuel depot blew up. He says that at that time, she was in love with Hogan but now she is in love with von Raucher. Therefore, Schultz says that he would rather be him than Hogan.

Part One: Hogan enters the office and Marya throws herself in his arms. Hogan introduces himself but she says that he has iron control, with all the cold nights laying in his cot dreaming of her embrace. Von Raucher asks her what she saw in him; she says he forced himself on her and she loved it. von Raucher says he will do, that he is adequate. Marya insists that she is sensational. Von Raucher says that the war is over. Klink asks if that is true, Schultz asks who won. Von Raucher tells Klink to dismiss Schultz; after he leaves, von Raucher tells Hogan that not only is the war over but that he will be the one to tell the Allies they lost. Hogan says that it's nice they gave him a choice; von Raucher says that he is being given an order. Klink repeats it, then von Raucher inquires if his area of expertise is interpreter. Klink says no; von Raucher says that interpreter calls for the rank of full corporal; Klink says that is fair. Von Raucher says that through the auspices of Marya, he has been chosen to be the witness of a new weapon developed under his command that he says will show the Allies all is useless. After the demonstration, he is to fly back to the states to deliver the news. Hogan asks why he wants a witness; that they aren't going to use the weapon on a live target. Von Rauscher says they are, but the most elusive target imaginable. He says that Hogan will go back and tell them what the target was, that he will be doing the Allies a great favor. Hogan asks about Russia; von Raucher says that he hopes they will join the US and England in their 'little crusade against the East.' He orders Hogan to pack, that they are to leave within the hour. Klink says that he is sorry to lose Hogan, but von Rauscher says that he is going along to act as Hogan's security and if he escapes, Klink will go 'up against the wall.' Hogan then asks why him. Marya says it was because of what they once had together, but he asks the general. He says that Marya intimated details about Hogan's operation and it fits in with what they know about all the sabotage and other things happening in the area. Klink starts to say that he can't mean that but von Rauscher says that he's interpreting again. He then says that by 'reassigning' Hogan, they are killing two birds with one stone. Back in Hogan's quarters, LeBeau says that Marya may be under the influence of drugs; the others scoff at this. Hogan says that he will try to get in touch with them wherever he's going. He tells them to hang loose but if the Germans come after them to fold up the operation. They protest but he orders them to. He says he'll try to do something about the weapon. Carter says that if there was to be a super weapon he thought he would be the one to make it. Schultz comes in to get Hogan. He says he's supposed to guard him and asks if he intends to escape. He says he didn't like the way the general said 'up against the wall.' Hogan asks for a moment with his men; before Schultz leaves, he asks who won the war. Hogan says it's still up for grabs and Schultz says he's bi-partisan. Later, at the secret location, they see the weapon. Hogan says that it looks like a standard V2 rocket but von Raucher saysit is different. When he asks to see it, the general refuses. Hogan asks if he has a new guidance system; von Raucher says it is a most sophisticated one, that it can hone in on any target, stationary or moving. Marya asks Hogan if he is happy for 'us', that the inventor, a Dr. Zagoskin, is also Russian. von Raucher says that at will they will be able to hit any vital target once the rocket is in mass production. Klink congratulates the general and Schultz starts to say that when you find a smart Russian, but Klink silences him. Hogan asks when the demonstration will take place and he is told at midnight the next night. He has Zagoskin come down as he tells Hogan the target: the British battleship Duke of York, which is on patrol in the North Sea. They don't know, but the rocket will supposedly know. von Rauscher says that it will disappear sometime after midnight; when Hogan says it has 3000 men on board, the general says that is a minor detail. He says that a giant mine or a submarine attackwill be blamed but Hogan will go back to the States with the details and that the Allies will try for peace. He then asks if all is clear and Hogan has one more question. He turns to Zagoskin and asks if that he knows that the Germans will use it against Russia. When he says that he has been promise that they won't use it against Russia, Hogan calls him not only a traitor, but a fool. Von Raucher reminds him that the war is over, but Hogan says it isn't just yet. When the general asks if he is going to try to alter the course of history, or the rocket, he says he won't be able to with Klink and Schultz guarding him. Klink reminds him of his perfect record of no escapes. He asks Schultz if there hasn't been any monkey business, and he says no. Von Raucher then says he has no worries, but just then Maj. Hochstetter arrives with several Gestapo guards. Von Raucher says he is in command and introduces the inventor, but Hochstetter tells him to stop inventing. He sees Marya and von Raucher tells him she is his interpteter. Klink then tells him she's a full corporal. Hochstetter asks why he is there and the general says that he is the security for the witness. He then sees Hogan and asks why he is there; when von Raucher says he is the witness, Hochstetter says he has chosen the most dangerous man in Germany. Then he takes control, saying he will surround the camp with a ring of steel, that anyone who gets within 100 yards of the rocket will be shot and re-shot. Hogan then tells him that it's a pleasure to have him aboard.

Part Two: Schultz tells Hogan he has a visitor, and even though the rules are no visitors, he says that he'd be in bigger trouble if he didn't let them in. It's Marya, and she says she is on his side. He tells her that after she revaled the operation back at camp that she should get off his side. She says, however, that she misunderstood him, that her real mission is to get Zagoskin back to Russia. She says she could have done it alone but it would be more fun to work with him. She asks if he brought his men with him, especially 'my delicious small one LeBeau.' He says no, that he had no idea. He asks what they should do with the rocket and she says to do anything he wants. He decides to trust her. He gives her a message to give to his men via shortwave radio. She falls on a table near a chair he's sitting in and starts kissing him. Klink then comes in and tells him not to interrupt her interrogation, that she's with the Gestapo. Hogan says that she's actually a lieutenant colonel, that she outranks Hochstetter. Klink says he feels obliged to report it, but Marya says he should not, that she is watching him. Klink then asks if he should not report it to anyone and she says no. She then dismisses Klink and says that Hogan's about to crack. Later, Marya comes to Hogan when the general is asleep. She says he will sleep until the rocket launches. Hogan has to meet his men in the woods so they must talk to Zagoskin now. He is in another room, drunk and singing in Russian. He tells Hogan he was right to call him a fool and a traitor. Zagoskin says that he knew they would use his rocker against Russia. Hogan asks why he made the rocket and he said he had a theory and he had to see if it would work. He says that the rocket will fly out of sight and 18 minutes later return and kill everyone there. Later, Hogan meets his men(dressed as Gestapo)in the woods and goes over their plan: Carter goes near the perimeter of the camp. At 10:00, he's to fire shots near the rocket and then set off some firecrackers. Hogan tells them after their mission to get back to Stalag 13, and he'll meet them back there if he can. At the time, Carter follows orders; the guards near the rocket start to protect it, then Hogan and his men order them into the woods and he says they'll guard the rocket. Kinch makes some adjustments, Newkirk tells them they have company: Klink, Schultz and Hochstetter. He asks where the other guards went; Newkirk tells them they went into the woods. Klink is reluctant, then he tells Hochstetter he forgot his helmet and runs away. Hochstetter goes into the woods and tells Schultz to guard the rocket with his life. He ask what he thinks is a Gestapo guard if he'll be safe and Newkirk tells him yes; he then points out the others and he sees nothing. At the time of the launch,Hochstetter asks where Zagoskinis; Marya says he is sleeping. The rocket then launches, falls over and explodes. Hochstetter says heads will roll. Von Raucher asks where it went wrong, that all the tests were perfect. Hochstetter asks Hogan what he has to say and he says 'Well, back to the old drawing board.

Epilogue: Hochstetter says he is being asked by Berlin what happened to the Duke of York and he says nothing happened to it. He says he won't go down alone, that he'll make sure all heads will roll. Klink says that he had nothing to do with the failure of the rocket but Hochstetter insists all heads will roll. Marya calls von Raucher unlucky. Hochstetter calls everyone traitors and says everyone will pay. He then asks Hogan why he's composed and he says it's obvious that Hochstetter has a plan to turn it to his advantage. He says that the major has a plan to cripple the Russian rocket program. He says that he is working to arrange for Zagoskin to escape to Russia and that he'll do for them what he did for the Germans. He calls the plan worthy of Himmler himself. Marya plays along and says the major is a genius and he agrees. Hogan then asks if they will still send him back to the States but Hochstetter orders him back to Stalag 13. Klink orders Schultz to take him back to camp. As he leaves, Marya says, 'Sensational.' Hogan replies with 'Adequate.' Marya then turns back to von Rauscher who is still lamenting the rocket's destruction.