Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 23

The Witness

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 1969 on CBS



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    • Marya: I am on your side.
      Hogan: You are? By telling Von Rouscher about our operations at Stalag 13? By contriving to get me out of there and sent home? By being part of a plot to win the war for the Nazis? Get off my side!

    • Marya: I have come to you, Hogan darling.
      Hogan: Yeah, yeah, swell.
      Marya: You're not dying from sheer desire?
      Hogan: Not the kind you mean, no.

    • von Rauscher: Hogan, did you know the war is over?
      Klink: The war is over?
      Schultz: Who won?

    • Hogan: What do they want with me?
      Schultz: My impression is that the woman at the time of the big boom-boom was madly in love with you. My impression also is that at the present time she is madly in love with General von Rauscher. Therefore, Colonel Hogan...
      Hogan: Therefore what, Schultz?
      Schultz: Therefore I would rather be me... than you. Shall we go?

    • (after the rocket fails and destroys itself)
      Hochstetter: Hogan, from the first I suspected you. What do you have to say?
      Hogan: Well, back to the ol' drawing board!

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