Hogan's Heroes

Season 6 Episode 18

To Russia Without Love

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 31, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

A Luftwaffe officer arrives in camp. He is Colonel Becker, a stalag commandant, on his way to deliver General Krause's plans for a new offensive at Stalingrad. Hogan and Co hear this on the coffee pot. Schultz arrives and summons Hogan to Klink's office. Klink tells Hogan he is invited to dinner to hear about the German victories on the Russian Front (actually, horror stories about how grim life is for the Germans on the Russian front).

At dinner, Klink and Burkhalter go to the cellar to investigate wines, leaving Hogan alone with Becker. Becker says he has heard about Hogan's reputation and wants his help in transferring from the Russian Front to Stalag 13. Hogan thinks Becker was trying to negotiate a deal - the transfer in exchange for the plans. He finds it suspicious, so he and Newkirk try to steal the plans, but Becker catches them. He gives them 48 hours to arrange the transfer or he will have them shot. Hogan is forced to agree.

Hogan's decision is to install Becker by getting Klink transferred to the Russian Front. Moreover, he must get Klink to request the transfer. For this he needs Olga Meisner, a beautiful Underground operative who can speak Russian. He starts spinning Klink big lines about German soldiers having a great time on the Russian Front fraternising with Russian women. Klink is not impressed - until Olga arrives, saying she is looking for Becker. She drops hints that she and Becker fraternised on the Russian Front and spins more stories about how luxurious life really is on the Russian Front....


Burkhalter is astonished when Klink requests a transfer to the Russian Front and refuses it. Hogan suggests to Klink that he present a tough militaristic image of himself, including planting mines outside the camp, to change Burkhalter's mind. Burkhalter is impressed, and allows Klink to go to the Russian Front and Becker to be the new commandant of Stalag 13. Schultz is dismayed to hear that he is going with Klink.

Then Hogan finds that Becker has been double-crossing him and never intended to give him the plans. Becker says that he will find out how Hogan's operation works. At this, Hogan starts showing Becker the operation - by kidnapping him and shipping him out to England as a POW. Later, Hogan fakes Becker's death by making it look as if one of Klink's mines claimed him.

They now have to stop Klink's transfer, and do so by discrediting the new image of Klink. So, some sabotage at the motor pool has Schultz and Klink crashing into the barracks and looking complete idiots. Burkhalter is furious and cancels the transfer.